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I Initially engaged Kobus Myburgh to perform a site audit due to our site being maliciously hacked/attacked. Within a remarkably short period he was able to identify the vulnerable areas on the site and take remedial and corrective steps to stop further infiltrations. With a huge sigh of relief we are operational and looking to further development projects. Kobus is pro-active, works on a very strict and defined time-line which he applies to himself. This results in speedy resolution of prevailing problems. His communication skills are excellent and ensures that one is kept in the picture at all times. He also take responsibility and ownership of the project. Professionalism is the keyword in describing Kobus Myburgh.

My Recommendations:

Kobus is a great team player and an expert in his field. He works well under pressure and have a positive work ethic and approach.

Kobus was one of the best IT Consultants at the North-West University (Vaal Triangle Campus) in my experience of 26 years in the Faculty of Humanities. I can remember him as very effective and also as a very friendly colleague with a lot of humor.

Kobus provides effective solutions to our e-retailing challenges always with great inventiveness and outstanding resourcefullness. We often have to meet strict promotional deadlines that require some technical implementation, Kobus has never let us down and frequently exceeds the requirements of the SP's SLA.

My Recommendations Given:

I have asked a question on Mosaic HUB, and although I got many comments of what people's opinion is on what I asked, Bob was the only one following up to further explain what he was thinking and give me further advice on the matter, without actually doing a pitch for his products and services. I find that very commendable.

I have not done business with Bob yet, but I am sure that if I need any of his services, I will certainly give him a ring.

Kind regards,

Kobus Myburgh
Managing Director: Impero Consulting

Gil's knowledge in the topic that I needed help with is well-researched and backed with what I would consider most likely YEARS of experience.

Gil's answer is currently voted at the top of the question I have asked, and hence I believe that others are feeling the same.

Thanks for your detailed answer, Gil!

Kind regards,

Kobus Myburgh
Managing Director: Impero Consulting

I have had 47 answers to the question I have asked, and one of Walter's recommendations is unique - which shows not only knowledge in his field, but also shows that he looks at other answers and not merely repeating what others have said. There is nothing as irritating as "As So-and-so said, blah blah". Walter backed his answer with his own experience and expertise. Thanks for your input, Walter!

Kind regards,

Kobus Myburgh
Managing Director: Impero Consulting

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