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Seasoned Senior Technology Professional with nearly 2 decades' Leadership experience spanning Enterprise IT and Technology Innovations. Has vast experience in Designing, Managing and Executing numerous Enterprise IT Programs/Projects and Innovation Initiatives. He has successfully established and executed Technology Centres of Excellence (TCoE), and led numerous Project/Program undertakings to successful completion.

Engaged as Principal Consultant (Innovations), Intrapreneur and Head of JDV - an intrapreneurial initiative.

Inventor of World's first 3D-Tactile Smart Glasses for the Visually Impaired (

A keen technologist with experience in designing and developing solutions in a wide range of technologies spanning Distributed Information systems & Enterprise Software, Digital Transformation, IoT, Wearables etc. In his previous roles he has functioned as a Business/Systems Analyst, Solution Designer, Technical Architect and Senior Projects/Programs Manager. He has significant experience in Design Thinking, Gamification, Strategic Management, building Idea-to-Market Roadmaps and Innovation Management.

Appeared as a speaker on domestic and international forums and is mentor to upcoming startups. Designed a unique IDS Workshop for new Innovators and Startups to equip them with a structured approach and successful outcomes.

Business Description

I am a seasoned Technology Specialist and Innovation Practitioner with nearly 2 decades of experience in Technology design, development & management behind me. I have designed and invented a number of innovations in the past which include healthcare devices, process innovations, innovative software systems and solutions. I hold a very strong understanding of the innovation process, its implementation within an organization and enabling departments and offices to become highly productive in a quick time.

Having been a successful Intrapreneur myself, I have a very deep perspective about the challenges, pitfalls, hurdles and solutions of startups and early adopters of innovation practices. I understand the life-cycle of a startup and any new innovation initiative, and can help in establishing and operating the end-to-end successful execution and delivery of these.

With a strong background in Information Technology, I also consider myself very efficient in the use of technology and new developments to enhance and improve productivity of my and my clients' work.

My Skills


Profile Questions

What do you like most about your profession?

I am involved in technology, business and sales for my own product. This makes it a completely satisfying 360 degree experience. There has been immense amount of learning on how to develop "first-time" products and the life-cycle associated with them. Again, the challenges of convincing a large market to buy such a product has been most enriching.

What questions do clients most commonly ask you? How do you respond?

Given that my product is a "first of its kind", there is a huge curiosity on its viability, future, cost etc. I find it exhiliarating to answer such tough questions and these challenging queries bring out the best in me. My strong technical background, supported by my strong research in my field helps me answer even the toughest of questions.

Describe a recent client engagement or project.

My most recent experience was engaging with a client who has a lot of technical insights and wanted to drill deeper into the concepts of my product - the hows, whys and whats. He was very curious about the usability aspects, technical implementations and feasibility. He also has great curiosity about the field trials and their results. It was a wonderful experience as his questions and queries helped in bringing a few important aspects of the product to the fore, and which I subsequently used in my marketing campaign.

What are 3 attributes you need to be successful in your industry?

1. Strong fundamentals 2. Creative and positive outlook 3. Ability to take risks

What are the most important things to consider when hiring a service provider in your field?

1. Confidence in ability 2. Committment 3. Availability 4. TCS (Total Cost of Service) 5. ROI

How are you different than others in your profession?

1. Highly motivated and creative 2. Never-say-Die attitude 3. Risk taker 4. Experiemental 5. Constantly evolving

What are your biggest professional influences (books, mentors, events)?

Events and Situations have taught me more than anything else. I have learnt far-far more by doing, experimenting and experiencing. This is one of the reasons why I second the "hands-on" skill.

How do you typically handle disagreements with clients?

Generally I design my propositions fairly empathically - keeping all possible concerns of the client in mind and accounted for. However, on certain instances there do tend to be some differences of views. I take a 2 step approach to this. I let the client know of my intentions and my concerns about the particular topic. Then I let the client "sleep over it" for a while. Finally, I approach him again with my perspective. In the mean tiem, I try to understand his concerns and may try to re-structure the point of disagreement.

Describe your proudest professional accomplishment.

Conceptualizing, designing and hand-crafting my invention, with no background whatsoever in the field of electronics, computer vision and mobile application development, and yet being able to produce a reasonably acceptable prototype (which let to further funding) is probably my proudest moment. This came at a time when the morale was really down and I was contemplating a change in career. The support rendered by my team helped me get back to my ways of forging ahead with new ideas and creating more value for my organization.

How do you deal with a crisis?

I have always believed myself to be a good crisis manager. A crisis urges me to raise my bar and I see it as an exciting challenge in front of me. I usually enjoy dealing with a crisis situation and therefore I usually carry a positive outlook about it. This, along with good planning and strategy, helps me over come the situation step-by-step and eventually the whole of it.


Sr. Product Architect & Intrapreneur, Product Innovation & Tech Research at Tech Mahindra Ltd.

April 2006 - Present
Core member of CTO Organization;

Product Innovation, Ideation in Mobility, VAS, Enterprise Solutions, ICT Arena;

Evaluate, Conceptualize, Design and Implement New/Core Technologies, Products, Frameworks & Platforms in the field of Enterprise IT, Mobility, Smart Solutions, Smart Devices etc across Domains.

Develop Proof Of Concepts, Planning & Strategizing new Business Initiatives and Define End-to-End Product Roadmap

Solution Designer at Mastek Ltd

March 2005 - January 2006
Business Analysis, Conceptualization & Designing of Enterprise Solutions; Lead Projects to fruition

Consultant (Technology) at Polaris

August 2003 - March 2005
Requirements Analysis, Systems & Business Analysis, Solutions Conceptualization & Designing, Project Management and Team Management

Systems Analyst at Accelya Kale Solutions Limited

February 2000 - August 2003
Kunal Bhat has been involved in, and led projects related to Requirements Analysis, Systems & Business Analysis, Solutions Conceptualization & Designing, Project Management and Team Management

Technical Manager at Aptech Computer Education Ltd

January 1998 - January 2000
Manage Core Infrastructure, Server Setups and Network & Hardware Maintenance & setup, Lab Management, Corporate Trainings and Course-ware designing, Academics management and Leadership


University of Pune

Degree: BCS (Bachelor of Computer Science)
Field of Study: Computer and Information Sciences, General

Sikkim Manipal University of Health, Medical and Technological Sciences

Degree: Master of Science (MS)
Field of Study: Information Technology


Medallion for Oustanding Performance

Issuer: Kale Consultant Ltd
Date: Dec 11, 2017
Oustanding Performance in Delivery

Certificate of Excellence

Issuer: Kale Consultants Ltd
Date: Dec 11, 2017
Certificate of Excellence for outstanding delivery

GEMS Award for Excellence in Delivery

Issuer: Polaris Financial Technologies Ltd
Date: Dec 11, 2017
GEMS award for excellence in delivery of Trade Finance Product

Runners Up - Innovation Council Awards 2010

Issuer: Tech Mahindra Ltd.
Date: Dec 11, 2017
Runners up in the Innovation Council awards 2010

Winner - Innovation Council Awards

Issuer: Tech Mahindra Ltd
Date: Dec 11, 2017
Winner of the Innovation Council Awards

Winner - Mobility in HealthCare

Issuer: Tech Mahindra Ltd.
Date: Dec 11, 2017
Winner of the Mobility in Healthcare contest

Intrapreneur Contest Winner

Issuer: Tech Mahindra Ltd.
Date: Dec 11, 2017
Winner of the company-wide Intrapreneur contest

Finalist Aegis Graham Bell Awards

Issuer: Aegis
Date: Dec 11, 2017
Finalist in the Healthcare category

Finalist mBillionth Award

Issuer: mBillionth
Date: Dec 11, 2017
Finalist in the Healthcare Innovation category


Design Thinking in Business Innovation



Authority: Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania (Coursera)



Proficiency: Full Professional Proficiency


Proficiency: Native or Bilingual Proficiency


Proficiency: Elementary Proficiency


Daily Practice of Innovation

Date: Apr 07, 2016
A brief take on how Innovation can be practiced in day-to-day routine

Managing Enterprise Information - Part II

Date: Mar 04, 2016
Managing Information spread across an Enterprise.

Building a Culture of Innovation

Date: Feb 15, 2016
A brief overview of how organizations can kick-start their efforts in building a culture of innovation

Chief Speaker at Mahindra SparkTalks

Date: Dec 11, 2017

Seven Lessons for Innovation

Date: Jan 07, 2015
Steps towards an Innovative mind and productivity

Idea Sculpting - The MADE Theory

Date: Dec 28, 2014
Steps on curating an Idea


Contact Information

Thane, Maharashtra
Thane India
Phone: 919029079290

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