About Me

Providing my clients and followers with street-smart, practical solutions which they can use to solve their business and life problems is what I live to do!

I have over 25 years experience working with either small businesses and or organisations established to help small businesses and entrepreneurs.

I deliver training and coaching for businesses especially in the area of personal development, communication skills, public speaking, leadership and team building, to name a few.

I consult with organisations and businesses both in the profit and non-profit sectors in areas such as strategic planning, capacity building, etc.

I write and speak extensively on the subject areas mentioned above ( to add to my work and to help people in general.

I have a highly developed sense of humor which I rely on to help me through most days.

My goals are to help at least one million people across the world dramatically improve their lives and establish 7 diverse businesses as my retirement plan.

Business Description

Impact Training & Development Services or ITDS is one of the tools which Lorna Barrow uses to deliver street-smart business solutions to her clients.

My Skills



Founder & Growth Strategies & HR Development at The Business of Being in Business

June 2012 - Present
Creating a Community for small business persons, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to network and grow their businesses by growing themselves

Executive Director at Barbados Coalition of Service Industries

January 2005 - January 2006
As Executive Director the Barbados Coalition of Service Industries Lorna assisted the government in shaping policy as it related to services and began the process of streamlining approaches to service delivery at the national and regional levels.

PRO at Barbados Association of Corporate Shareholder

January 2005 - January 2011

Founder & Learning Solutions Specialist at Impact training & Development Services

November 2001 - Present
Provides for small businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals:

* Training and coaching in Public Speaking, Report Writing, Customer Service, Interpersonal Skills, Training of Trainers and other similar area.

* Consulting in Strategic Planning, Customer Service, Business Development

Women Projects Coordinator at Caribbean Congress of Labour

January 1996 - January 2002
The position of Women's Project Coordinator provided the unique opportunity for Lorna to directly impact the lives of Caribbean Women by providing services such as training and project development.

At the macro level, she represented their interest at the Regional and International levels by helping to shape relevant policy, sitting on regional and international women and gender committees and task forces.

Lorna was also instrumental in producing a Communication Manual for Caribbean Women Trade Unionists

Accountant at Caribbean Congress of Labour

January 1980 - January 1995
Lorna worked for over 20 years in the Caribbean Trade Union Movement, first as an Accountant then as a Project Coordinator with responsibility for women, where she was instrumental in improving the position and lives of many women.

From there she went on to the Barbados Coalition of Service Industries where she assisted the government in shaping policy as it related to services and began the process of streamlining approaches to service delivery at the national and regional levels.

Lorna credits the growth in income and effectiveness which her many clients experience when they buy her services and products directly to her experience in working with diverse cultures across borders in her previous positions.


University of the West Indies

Field of Study: Gender and Development

Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators, Great Britain

Field of Study: Charter Secretary & Administration


Contact Information

Oistins Barbados

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