About Me

With years of experience helping start-ups and small businesses as their right-hand "do-all" person, I saw how much Merchant Services varied depending on who walked in the door. It was like the Wild West.

I also saw what business owners did well and didn't do well. I took this real world knowledge and use it to help guide business owners using my Practical and Intuitive skills. With a background in IT hardware and software, Sales, Customer Service, Marketing, Business Management and an ability to intuitively see problems and solutions, I can help small business owners discover new opportunities and potential pitfalls to help them be even more successful.

Business Description

I specialize in helping businesses over obstacles. That usually takes money. I chose to become an Independent Merchant Services Rep so I could use it as a means to free up funds.

Because I am independent, I can be VERY competitive. But that's not all. I talk to you about your business model to make sure I'm providing the RIGHT solution. If I don't have the solution, I'll find it!

eCommerce: I can work with your web designer and save you money - especially if you use because I can get it for less than they can.

In an industry with a high turnover rate, I've built a business with a 98% retention rate. Almost all of my business comes from referrals. Check out my website to see my code of ethics.

I help clients by giving them another set of eyes to overcome obstacles so they waste less time and get back to their passion.

My Skills



Contact Information

Loveland, CO
Phone: 970-235-0064

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