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Information Resources LLC is a global market research and intelligence firm offering market research, custom consulting and business plan building. We help companies make informed decisions by understanding the competition and external environment. We have extensive experience providing an array of products and services to the technological community. Our custom market research and consulting services include market analysis, opportunity analysis, competitive analysis and benchmarking. Our business plan writing services cover full service business plans, including for the entrepreneur who needs seasoned analysis to help sysnthesize all aspects needed for a complete business plan. We can also provide experienced CFOs, CPAs and marketing experts within our network.

We utilize a proprietary database combined with an extensive primary and secondary research approach to help clients understand their markets, customers and competitors. Our industry coverage and scope includes, but is not limited to, high tech (power over ethernet, semiconductors, sensors, nanotechnology, networking, test equipment, telecommunications, RFID, wireless) clean tech, manufacturing, retail and healthcare technology. Our clients range from fortune 100 to entrepreneurial startups.

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Boston, MA
Phone: 978-973-8710

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