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Mattan Danino isn’t just the Founder & CEO of WEBITMD, he is a Google-accredited partner and industry-known thought leader in growth marketing with more than 10 years of experience as a true engineer in the digital space. Having appearances in Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, Engadget and many more notable publications, Mattan enjoys sharing his passion and industry expertise with prospective clients and colleagues. As a business consultant Mattan has parlayed with Fortune 1000 enterprises gaining international recognition.

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Digital Marketing & Creative agency

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Proficiency: Full Professional Proficiency


Proficiency: Full Professional Proficiency


Inbound Marketing vs. SEO: An Inside Look at How They Work Together

Publication: Huffington Post
Date: Sep 26, 2016
I recently had the chance to speak with Mattan Danino of He has a background in Digital Marketing campaigns, business consulting, and growth hacking that’s helped scale eCommerce brands, in addition to a number of lead generation initiatives for major brands. His digital marketing agency handles both SEO and inbound marketing campaigns for a spectrum of clients so his knowledge and expertise across industry verticals is worth sharing.

3 Insanely Effective Digital Sales Strategies

Publication: Engadget
Date: Aug 15, 2016
As the digital market evolves, marketers are continuously forced to pivot, adopt new strategies, and fix old mistakes. New technology frequently changes the game, and as opportunities crop up, experienced professionals jump on bandwagons – and are prepared to jump off when marketing methods lose their shiny luster.

7 Content Marketing Tips for New Entrepreneurs

Publication: Magazine
Date: Jul 27, 2016
Welcome to the digital age, where content marketing is a must for anyone starting a new venture. The idea of content marketing can be overwhelming for some, especially for those who have little or no experience with it. My advice has always been to read as much as you can before jumping into the field; however, that would take decades based on all the information available online.


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3685 Motor Ave. Suite 100, Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles
Phone: 800.601.2990

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