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Michael Manning, chief relationship officer at Rocksauce Studios, joined the team to bring her considerable marketing, analytical, and relationship skills to the team. As chief relationship officer, she leads the charge on invigorating the company's loyalty, happiness, and customer engagement from within.

Business Description

Our clients love us because we’re honest. We know that our success depends on how well we build your product, and the best bet is to make something people will use.

Rocksauce fosters your idea from inception. We tell you when features aren’t neeeded, when the name or the brand is too generic, while helping you discover the right hooks to build loyalty.

We enable you to do more than you could on your own, because your product is our product. Great software is as much about what you choose to add as what you leave on the cutting room floor.

We don’t make apps. We create happiness.

My Skills



Contact Information

900 Lydia St
Austin, TX
Phone: 866.981.6847

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