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Microsoft alum with internet & software focus. My main technical interests are the application of AI, machine learning, analytics and big data. I have several ongoing projects in those areas. applies machine learning to large data sets to measure, rate, score and track human professional review activities. Our goal is to improve rating platforms and to leverage user generated content while applying technology to make it safer, more reliable, more relevant and better quality.

Cloud Commerce Consulting provides advisory services. We focus on technology strategies (especially analytics, big data and machine learning) and scale strategies for growth companies (including sales and marketing and operational transformations). In addition to machine learning we are interested in broader artificial intelligence applications.

I also worked at Microsoft as a manager at the Redmond headquarters. My team worked across business units on product development projects for identity (Active Directory), communications and integration (BizTalk, Host Integration, RFID, Windows Communications), workflow (Windows Workflow and some early workflow modeling projects), commerce (Microsoft Commerce Server) and I was involved in the early business strategy efforts related to modeling language projects that led to Oslo and the 'M' language.

My background includes analytics platforms (Chaikin Analytics and, big data information and search technologies (, and ChaCha Search) and SaaS commerce and business platforms often with an emphasis on predictive analytics (Ontario Systems, Ecometry, Sapago).

Business Description

Cloud Commerce Consulting has several practices aimed at helping companies develop internal artificial intelligence, analytics and big data practices. CCC also does growth stage consulting that focused on monetization and organic growth programs and operational systems to stay and grow more efficient and agile. Cloud Commerce also does startup consulting including seed and 'A' round fundraising, interim startup and growth strategies.

My Skills



CEO and Co-founder at

January 2017 - Present
Mike and a team of reputation and social media experts spent years researching the strengths and weaknesses of review platforms. allows you to give recognition to deserving people in business and constructive criticism to help people grow and reach their potential. The platform uses machine learning and complex analytics models to score and rank review and profile data to improve the quality of user reviews. has been profiles in TechCrunch, The LA Times and on Cheddar TV among many others. It has been called the Yelp for People

President and COO at Chaikin Analytics

February 2015 - July 2016
Chaikin Analytics is a big data, stock analytics and rating platform used by professionals and self-directed investors. Chaikin evaluates stocks and ETFs daily using a powerful algorithm that utilizes the best from numerous stock rating approaches.

Chaikin Investments produces investment strategies used to select groups of stocks for investment vehicles.

Chief Executive Officer at Brand,com

October 2014 - October 2014 originated as a reputation management agency but launched a search analytics, content marketing and publishing platform used by over 100 online publishers and brand and prominent individuals. ultimately led to the spinoff of several companies and publishing assets.

CEO at Cloud Commerce Consulting

January 2014 - Present
Cloud Commerce Consulting is a technology and business advisory firm with practice areas covering the strategic planning and adoption of artificial intelligence, machine learning, business intelligence and analytics. The company bridges technology with business disciplines and application. CCC also has an advisory service whose mission is to help founders of startups and growth companies achieve their goals by focusing on execution and efficiency. Specialization of internet scale systems, predictive analytics, search technologies and learning systems

* Business and go-to-market strategy for AI platform company
* interim CEO for online publisher and news portal
* helped three, established startups achieve the first profits in their average 5 year history.
* launched an inside sales division for global ecommerce company which increased sales 50%, increased upsells and repeat business 80%
* took startup from planning stage well into first revenue and growth stage with outsourced manufacturing, ecommerce in 110 countries, Amazon store, and Facebook Shopify storefront
* successfully launched startup specialty online publisher in competitive space with strong social, advertising revenue generation, marketing and business development programs
* strategic adviser n fundraising, growth programs and optimization of programs and business model

Chief Executive Officer at Cloud Commerce Consulting

January 2013 - Present
Cloud Commerce Consulting is a business and technology advisory firm. We offer startup and growth phase companies strategic planning, growth, sales and marketing program development, operational and interim executive programs. CCC technology consulting focuses on integrating artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics and big data into strategic road maps.

The firm and its principles have 5 exits totaling almost $550M and turned 6 unprofitable firms profitable. Founder Michael Zammuto has led very large product and project management efforts including running a team with a large portfolio of projects at Microsoft including BizTalk Server, Commerce Server, Active Directory, WCF, WF and many others. Strategic planning on modeling and integration technologies.


Harvard Business School

Degree: General Management Program (8)
Field of Study: General business management, strategy, financial management, leadership, operations, marketing, etc

Tulane University AB Freeman School of Business

Degree: BS Management
Field of Study: Business


Contact Information

105 South 18th Street, Suite 5B
Philadelphia, PA
Phone: 2156177963

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