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I work with organisations all over the United Kingdom to get their people working more effectively.

I will help your organisation get more done, improve the way your people work together, make better decisions, strengthen your culture, and therefore make you more profitable.

I am an business author and speaker, a facilitator and a trusted advisor, with a background of integrating complex change in major national and multi-national organisations. I offer keynotes and seminars to larger organisations, conferences and events, and provide in-house and open workshops and seminars.

I currently offer a range of over twenty powerful three-hour seminars, which you can browse at

I am also the author of thirteen published books, including How to Speak so People Listen, The Yes/No Book, How to Manage a Great Project, and The Influence Agenda.

If you need an insightful presentation or seminar on managing or handling the effects of change, project or risk management, influencing or presenting powerfully, or personal effectiveness, then give me a call on 08444 141349. I also offer tailored presentation skills workshops and coaching.

My style is informal and you will find I have a way of explaining the complex and subtle situations that the real world generates in simple and easy-to-action terms, that produce excellent business results.


Specialties: Personal Effectiveness at Work, Leadership, Influence and Decision Making, Management, Project and Change Management, Coaching, Communication and Presentation skills.

Business Description

An author, speaker, trainer and trusted advisor, Mike is also founder of - an online training provider for aspiring, new and intermediate level project managers.

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Profile Questions

What do you like most about your profession?

I get to help people and see them flourish and I am able to spend time and money on learning, and call that work!

What are 3 attributes you need to be successful in your industry?

Adaptable and flexible Able to listen, question and diagnose Willing to roll your sleeves up and not just pontificate

How do you typically handle disagreements with clients?

I have developed a 'Breakdown Process' for mending a damaged professional or workplace relationship. I have had to road test it twice with damaged (one seriously broken) client relationships. The merely damaged relationship was recovered to the extent of winning more work. The seriously broken relationship was fully mended continues to this day; eight years after the event, on both a professional and collegiate level. We met for a coffee recently. The process is in my book: 'How to Speak so People Listen' and if you drop me an email or connect in some way, i'll let you have my cheat-sheet.

What's the one thing your work has taught you?

Find the right process, apply it with integrity, and let it do its job. At some point, it may feel it is not working, but if you chose well, that's just a stage. Hold your nerve, pay attention, and trust that process.


Founder at

February 2016 - Present
Project Management self-development to help you build the project management career you deserve.

Trusted Advisor at Mike Clayton

January 2010 - Present
I provide coaching and counsel for a small, selected group of clients to help them to be more effective in their senior leadership and management roles. I support them in developing skills and tackling challenges, often related to change in their organisation.

I help leaders to think through complex issues and communicate them to their clients and teams, assisting with crafting and rehearsing the delivery of their messages. For clients and client teams with important presentations to deliver, I provide coaching in platform skills and structured rehearsal programmes.

I also work with leadership teams, designing highly tailored programmes to secure more effective leadership team working.

Author at Mike Speaks ... about Personal Effectiveness, Project Management and Change

January 2009 - Present
My newest book, Powerhouse, is published on 28 November 2014.

I write books for people in all walks of life who want to be a force to be reckoned with... particularly as managers, leaders and professionals.

My books will help you be more effective, achieve bigger and better results, improve your choices, and even to live a ore successful and fulfilled life.

My books that are available now are:

The Influence Agenda (2014 Palgrave Macmillan)
How to Manage a Great Project (2014 Pearson)
How to Speak so People Listen (2013 Pearson)
The Yes/No Book (2012 Pearson)
Smart to Wise (2012 Marshall Cavendish)
Brilliant Project Leader (2011 Pearson)
Brilliant Stress Management (2011 Pearson)
Risk Happens! Managing Risk and Avoiding Failure in Business Projects (2011 Marshall Cavendish)
Brilliant Time Management (2010 Pearson)
Brilliant Influence (2010 Pearson)
The Handling Resistance Pocketbook (2010 Management Pocketbooks)
The Management Models Pocketbook (2009 Management Pocketbooks)

Director/Owner at Kent Trainers Ltd

January 2006 - March 2011
One of five founding directors of Kent's largest training provider. The five years were incredible - I felt we created a great business. In early 2011, I decided that I needed the time to pursue my speaking and writing, so I stepped down as director. I wish my former colleagues well with the business.

Director at Thoughtscape

May 2002 - Present
Created a successful training business with clients in the private, public and voluntary sectors, focusing on managerial and project management skills, including communication, leadership and personal effectiveness.

Senior Manager at Deloitte

January 1997 - January 2002
I was a responsible for thought leadership within the Project and Programme Management team, and led large project teams on assignments for BAA plc, Vodafone/Mannessmann, Transport for London and many other exciting clients.

Senior Consultant at Touche Ross

July 1994 - April 1997
Focused on consulting to local government, specialising in capital projects and local government re-structuring.

Senior Manager at Deloitte

January 1994 - January 2002
Project and Programme Manager delivering complex change for clients in Public and Large Commercial sectors.

Consultant at CSL Group Ltd

January 1990 - June 1994
CSL was a niche public sector consultancy, where I learned my basic consulting skills and worked on corporate finance, restructuring and commercial projects for local authorities throughout the south of England.


The University of Manchester

Degree: PhD
Field of Study: Physics

University of Exeter

Degree: BSc
Field of Study: Theoretical Physics


Apple Pro Video Training: Final Cut Pro X

Authority: Udemy
Start Date: Dec 01, 2014

Transactional Analysis 101

Authority: Institute of Transactional Analysis
Start Date: Nov 01, 2007

NLP Master Practitioner

Authority: The American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Start Date: Nov 01, 2003

NLP Practitioner

Authority: The American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Start Date: Jan 01, 2003


The Yes/No Audio Book

Publication: Old Chapel Studios
Date: Jan 01, 2015
An unabridged audio book version of The Yes/No Book (Pearson), read by the author and by coach and facilitator, Felicity Dwyer. Download as MP3 files - one per chapter. While you are driving, walking or using public transport, you can learn how to achieve more, by doing less!


Publication: Capstone (Wiley)
Date: Dec 01, 2014
“Powerhouse brims with performance boosting strategies. A complete, practical and super-charged toolkit for anyone wishing to optimise their personal and professional effectiveness” Catherine Bourne, Director, Leornian Consulting “An easy reading insight into becoming an effective ‘powerhouse’ of delivery. Making the most of every hour and getting the most out of everything you put into your business is vital, for that reason this book is a must read.” Robert Allison, Managing Director, Expense Reduction Analysts

The Influence Agenda

Publication: Palgrave Macmillan
Date: Apr 01, 2014
“This book is sure to expand the way you think about aligning and engaging your stakeholders. It should become the go-to source of knowledge for a 360-degree view on how to develop or improve your approach.” MARK WATSON, CEO, Purple Works Strategy, Communication and Coaching Consultancy “Mike has provided a comprehensive guide to stakeholder management that should help elevate the status of stakeholder management to the same level as risk management in the mind of a Project or Change Manager. The Influence Agenda has loads of helpful tools and techniques to use – giving you no more excuses for not being able to do stakeholder engagement well.” RICHARD BARTON, Partner, Atos Consulting

How to Manage a Great Project

Publication: Pearson
Date: Dec 05, 2013
“Read this book, follow his advice, and you will succeed” Anne-Marie O’Hara, Head of Projects and Planning, National Trust for Scotland This is your ultimate one-stop, easy-going and very friendly guide to delivering any project of any size.

How to Speak so People Listen

Publication: Pearson
Date: Sep 05, 2013
Everyone knows how vital good communication is in any business. But what’s the point if no-one’s listening to you? How to Speak so People Listen shows you how to make sure that what you’re saying is being listened to and making a difference. ‘Great communication is at the heart of all business; Mike’s approach makes this accessible to everyone.' Mike Ames, founder of Flair Business Growth Consultancy

The Yes/No Book

Publication: Pearson
Date: Nov 01, 2012
Most of us at some point realise that we have not been focusing on the things that matter. To please others or assuage our own guilt, we’ve ended up saying yes to doing things which are both time consuming and often counterproductive. The Yes/No Book delivers insights and practical techniques which enable you to take control of your decisions, become less stressed, less busy and much more productive.

Smart to Wise

Publication: Marshall Cavendish
Date: Jun 14, 2012
ARE YOU SMART OR ARE YOU WISE? Being smart, savvy and knowledgeable during the early stages of your career is one thing. Being wise, an accomplished expert and someone who is widely regarded as having created something of substance and value is the next level. This book shows you how to take the knowledge that you have and turn it into the wisdom that leads people to regard you as a trusted colleague, partner or advisor.

Brilliant Stress Management

Publication: Pearson / Prentice Hall
Date: Aug 08, 2011
"Engaging, practical and packed with simple to achieve exercises that really do help you combat stress." Matthew Cole, Clinical Director, York Stress & Trauma Centre

Brilliant Time Management

Publication: Pearson / Prentice Hall
Date: Dec 01, 2010
What the most productive people know, do and say. "A fantastic, practical and plain-speaking framework for managing your time" Matthew Simons, Director of Agency Services Europe, Acxiom Corporation.

Brilliant Influence

Publication: Pearson / Prentice Hall
Date: Nov 01, 2010
"Mike presents an excellent summary of how to influence with integrity; he skilfully raises the reader's awareness and provides pragmatic, easy to follow steps to achieving brilliant influence." Julian Badcock, Partner, Inpoint (An Aon Company).


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Southampton United Kingdom

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