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I'm an executive business leader and CEO with global expertise in corporate strategy, technology startups, IoT, and advanced Behavioral Sciences. I've founded a number of highly successful global technology companies in IoT, AI, Interactive Gaming and behavioral engineering over the past 20 years.

I'm a behavioral and organizational psychologist with expertise in the fields of Cognitive Behavioral Innovation, computational intelligence and human-machine interaction. Utilizing my broad experience in behavioral engineering, I help organizations develop successful present and future-ready innovations and market-ready solutions, and driving high revenue generation and strong market penetration through strong go-to-market strategies and network.

I couple innovation and product ideation with my deep understanding of consumer behaviors and how people engage and interact with technology. This allows me a unique approach to consulting and strategy development from the viewpoint of both the consumer and the corporate simultaneously, how human behavior is changing through engagement with technology, and how to leverage both existing, and new, digital technologies to better understand engagement with these connected consumers. The ability to understand these changes in behavior has enabled me to create and deliver hugely impactful and successful end-to-end strategic solutions for and with my clients.

My greatest passion is working with and employing the very best people across multiple fields, learning from their experiences and expertise, and mentoring them by empowering and trusting them with the freedom and autonomy to do what they do best. Success is never a one man show and I firmly believe in the mantra that any success, and the rewards that come with it, should be shared equally and proportionally with all those who help you along the way.

Business Description

Send any data with sound.

Enhance your products by integrating with Chirp™ - the world’s most trusted data-over-sound technology used by the leading brands in more than 90 countries.

A Chirp™ is a sonic barcode. With Chirp technology, data and content can be encoded into a unique audio stream. Any device with a speaker can transmit a chirp and most devices with a microphone can decode them.


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London United Kingdom

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