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I have a background in Big 4 auditing, investment banking, commercial banking, import consulting and international new product commercialization using offshore manufacturing and licensing before co-founding Life Energy Coaching in 2005. This followed an earlier business experience that taught me that no matter how good I might have been at practical business skills, until I was subconsciously aligned with my conscious desires I would not be able to make them happen. That led to a long and fascinating journey learning how we create what we experience, and developing powerful methods for quickly and easily eliminating the inner blocks and barriers to success in life and business. I apply these methods to help those who are committed to living an extraordinary life, which includes helping them get extraordinary results quickly and easily in business.

If ordinary or average is OK for you, I'm not for you. But, if you want to live a life that is beyond what you can currently envisage, I invite you to contact me and set up a free strategy session, during which I'll help you understand your untapped potential and how I can help you fulfill that potential.

Business Description

Life Energy Coaching offers individuals and businesses of all sizes the ability to achieve extraordinary results. For business owners and CEOs we can help you stretch your vision to something beyond what you're comfortable with, then help you eliminate the inner blocks and barriers that made you uncomfortable, so you become aligned, excited and inspired by this new vision. We can then do the same for your team so your entire business is operating at whole new level of excitement, inspiration and success.

For entrepreneurs, we can help you quickly and easily release your inner blocks and barriers to far greater success than you are currently experiencing, no matter how great that may currently be.

We can help leaders quickly and easily come to love public speaking, no matter how fear-inducing this may currently be. And for sales pros, we can magnify your "know, like and trust" factor so you grow your sales both in size and numbers.

If there are relationship issues that are slowing growth or risking lawsuits, we can help eliminate these also. There are really no limits to how we can help your business accelerate its growth. We invite you to call us at ph.(818) 813-4810 to discuss your needs and discover how we can help.

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Glendale, CA
Phone: (818) 813-4810

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