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Omar Tawakol is the CEO of Voicera (formerly Workfit), a company that helps businesses harness the power of voice. Voicera is the platform behind Eva, an in-meeting voice assistant tool that listens, takes notes, and provides access to Voicera for follow-up items from your meetings. Tawakol has long been fascinated by productivity in the workplace, which he hopes to continue improving upon. He is also the founder and former CEO of BlueKai, and he previously served as senior vice president and general manager of the Oracle Data Cloud.

Business Description

We started Voicera to help people become more efficient, effective, and creative at work. For too long meetings have remained an uncertain event on our calendars. Each aspect of our workday has been optimized with the latest tools and technologies to make sure we’re operating at peak efficiency, but when it comes to meetings the outcomes are inconsistent, the details get lost in translation and taking clear action items remain elusive. We designed our first product Eva, to change that. Voice collaboration is ready for an upgrade and we’re the team to do it.


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Menlo Park, CA

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