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For many educators, coaches, and trainers, creating online courses can be daunting. After all, this is an unfamiliar territory – from how to organize them to payments and logins.

At HubSkills I and my team blend your knowledge and our expertise to create online courses from the offline material you already have.

We help you open up new income channels by transforming your knowledge and learning materials into step-by-step courses you can sell online.

We remove all your worries to create a course for selling online.

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Business Description

Consult me for:

(1) turning offline training material into online course
(2) making illustrative / educational / training videos,
(3) starting e-learning / membership course,
(4) setting up business-ready WordPress website,
(5) content creation and marketing in social media...more.

If you have any query in mind, just ask me.

My Skills



Video Production Trainer ♦ Content Solutions Coach ♦ WordPress/E-learning Coach ♦ Writer ♦ Speake... at HubSkills.Com

January 2010 - Present
Are you baffled with CONTENT SOLUTIONS for your business?

HubSkills.Com is the one-stop content solutions provider for businesses, professionals, and retirees. It is founded by me to help STARTUPS with the SKILLS actually needed on the ground for their web business.

Most surveys have found that LACK OF WEB SKILLS is one of the main reasons why many people are NOT doing well in their business.

At HubSkills there is no hearsay, no guesswork. You learn the same skills that work to build strong, relevant and useful web contents to boost a business.


★ Awesome web video for any purpose

★ Business-ready WordPress website from scratch

★ Content creation including stunning visuals that boost business

★ E-learning, e-commerce business in WordPress

★ Using social media for business

★ Writing e-book & selling on Amazon


Engage me for complete content solutions training for your organization/business.


►Or send email to

Founder at 2WebVideo.Com

December 2007 - Present
Operating online course on making web video, and creating video-based e-learning membership website -


PowerPoint Video Magic: A Skill Booster Guide on Using Microsoft PowerPoint for Professional Video Production

Publication: Amazon.Com
Date: Feb 04, 2014
A highly helpful skill-building book, PowerPoint Video Magic guides you by hand into creating videos your visitors will love. Learn making jaw-dropping videos from text animation, line animation, chart animation, shape animation, clip art animation, zoom-n-pan image animation, picture-in-picture video, and more.

SEO For 2013 & Beyond: SEO Made Simple For Beginners (with free video lessons)

Publication: Amazon.Com
Date: Sep 10, 2013
In this book readers learn how to insulate small business from any turmoil with the right kind of SEO. The book underlines the fact that you don't do SEO in a vacuum. You do it to boost your business. You need results for efforts you make for your business. With that as mainstay expect to learn proven steps that actually help your business. Not run-of-the-mill ‘tips’ that have been repeated ad nauseam.

Step-By-Step Guide To Start E-Learning Website In WordPress With Free Tools

Publication: Amazon.Com
Date: Jun 08, 2012
In this well-explained and exhaustive book by Partha Bhattacharya, the experienced online course designer at 2WebVideo.Com, the reader gets to learn creating multi-level multi-product e-learning membership course in WordPress with FREE tools, including content dripping, collecting PayPal payment, and automating the entire operation of e-learning course.


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Calcutta India

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