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It is time for all Businesses to define the things that are non-negotiable for them, whether times are good, bad, ugly does not matter. These are the things that you stand for!

"What is the purpose behind the Products you sell and design? "
"What is the benefit that people get as a result of using your products?"
"People are not buying your Product because they need it, the picture here is bigger, they are purchasing an experience they can achieve as a result of your product."

Maverick Mentoring has been established to work with Business Owners who want to stand out with their:
- Branding
- Marketing
- Entrepreneurial Mindset

Peter Blasch is a Professional Certified Coach, Trainer, Mentor, Workshop Facilitator and Father.

Maverick Mentoring For Business has been established to work with Businesses who are tired of being in the pack and need to stand out in the Marketplace. When it is time to grow your Business and increase your client base then it is time to do things differently.

Have a look at what you are doing and come at a solution from a fresh perspective

You are provided with the opportunity to strengthen what you know and acquire new skills to drive your Business forward to ensure you are growing your client base and profit share.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Specialties: Business Mentor, Business Coach, Business Development, Facilitator, Mentoring, The MasterMind Business Group

Business Description

Maverick Mentoring inspires business owners to be exceptional. It is time for all Businesses to define the things that are non-negotiable for them, whether times are good, bad, ugly does not matter. These are the things that you stand for!

It is time to start Zigging when everyone else is Zagging. Being a Maverick means becoming the Maverick in your field. Stand out, create attention about your Business, and start doing Business in a new and fresh manner.

Get you marketing strategy designed so you are attracting clients into you sales funnel.

My Skills


Profile Questions

How are you different than others in your profession?

We inspire business owners to be exceptional. As the name suggests. We are Mavericks, it is time to ask different questions. By asking different questions you will get different results which will change the way you do business and enable to "zig" when others are "zagging'

What are your biggest professional influences (books, mentors, events)?

The biggest influence I have had in business has come through a book. The E Myth by Michael Gerber is the "bible" of Business. When you are working On your Business and not In it. Then you will be in a position for growth and achieving your desired Lifestyle.

Describe your proudest professional accomplishment.

The time I know when we are fully serving our clients is when they get Industry Awards. Recognised for the growth, development and increased revenue. They are getting Marketing Awards and Customer Service Awards. My question for you is; "Are you getting Awards for your Business"


Business Mentor at Academy of Lifestyle Excellence

September 2010 - Present
Business Development Specialist
Anti-aging Wellness Coach Training Program.

Become a Coach! The Academy of Lifestyle Excellence coaches men and women 40+ men and women to make money and make a difference as a Life Coach. We offer the first Anti-Ageing Wellness Coaching Training Program. The Academy of Lifestyle Excellence motivates, inspires, educates, mentors and transforms the lives of men and women.

The Academy has the "Business Acceleration Program" and the "End to End Complete Business Solution" where we train, educate and mentor new coaches from Starting their Business to fully supporting them through the development of their Coaching practice.

We believe that more people need to learn how to think the right thoughts and to put in place the right strategies, tactics, systems and processes needed to make money in business.... and... we believe that everyone needs to connect with their dream... isn't that why they are in business?

Business Coach and Mentor at Maverick Mentoring For Business

February 2008 - Present
I am your Business Coach and Business Mentor who is here to support you in your business. "Stop Selling and Start Connecting with Marketing that Attracts". Now is the time to start building your Marketing strategies that build a tribe of clients who are drawn to you. Turning around your Sales process from having people who you sell to, too now having people come to you for their solutions.

If you’re a small Business Owner and Entrepreneur, you know the feeling of having strategic problems and not knowing where to turn for advice.

We are working with Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who are looking for an innovative edge for building their business. "Know your customers and build your profits. This is what you are in business for!"

The "Client Attraction Matrix" shows you how to increase your client base.
Book your time NOW to discuss how you will implement new Strategies into your Marketing.

If you want to get great results for 2013, ask better questions. Get the answers and get the results you know you deserve.

Let me ask you this; "If you could wave a magic wand to create the Ideal Business, what would it look like?"

As your Mentor for Business I help you understand the questions you need to ask and then implement the answers into your business so you get the results you know you deserve.

Director at Urban View Landscapes

January 2008 - January 2013

Senior Pastor at Darwin Apostolic Church

January 1995 - January 2001

Owner at Eden Landscapes

August 1983 - December 1996
Landscaping and Grounds and Garden Maintenance in Canberra, ACT


The Coaching Institute

Degree: Diploma
Field of Study: Coaching

Swinburne University of Technology

Degree: Graduate Certificate
Field of Study: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Arrow Leadership Program

Field of Study: Leadership

Woden College, ACT

Field of Study: Horticulture


Contact Information

Melbourne Australia
Phone: 0408 036 153

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