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Mr. Gould is a multiple award winning producer/director/editor who has spent more than 25 years in motion picture, television and radio production.

The founder of The Intervale Group, LLC, a Shelton, CT based production company established in 2000, Mr. Gould’s career spans offline and online editing, video engineering, 2D and 3D animation, camera operation and lighting, field and studio production, direction and narration.

His TV credits have earned multiple Emmys, Tellys, Golden Reels and other awards and have aired on major broadcast networks, cable feeds and elsewhere. One of fewer than 200 Master Avid Editors in the world, Peter began his career as a Producer / Director / Editor at Cabin Fever Entertainment where he oversaw the release of over 200 feature films into the home video market.

A summa cum laude graduate of Colorado Technical University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration / Management, Mr. Gould’s background also includes membership in the Screen Actors Guild / American Federation of Television & Radio Artists (SAG/AFTRA), POST certification as a law enforcement officer and several decades’ active law enforcement service.

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Profile Questions

What do you like most about your profession?

Video and motion picture production is as much art as it is business. GREAT moving picture production does more than convey information: it makes you feel something. Collaborating with a great team to produce a project that can motivate an audience, make them laugh or cry, make them feel awe or fulfillment or wonder - those of us in the creative professions live for such moments.

What questions do clients most commonly ask you? How do you respond?

The most common question clients ask is "How much will it cost to produce a film or video project?" To which, as tactfully as I can, I always respond by trying to convey that the visual arts are scalable media. How much does it cost to build a house? We don't know until we know if the house will be a cottage or a mansion, functional or elaborate. So it is with moving pictures. Are we shooting in one location or a dozen? Is there travel? Do we want a recognizable star as our on-camera talent or voiceover? Are there aerial shots, complex graphics, an original music score? A corporate video can be $5,000 or $5,000,000. A broadcast or theatrical production costs more. The better question, when I can help a client arrive at it, is "What kind of project can we produce on this topic on a budget of $X?"

Describe a recent client engagement or project.

On the corporate video side of our business, we're doing an increasing amount of medical education work, and one type of production we've worked on a lot is the talk-show-style panel discussion. Recently we produced one for a new client we hadn't worked with before. It was shot in a partner facility in Norwalk, Connecticut, and one of the biggest concerns was that medical panel discussions tend to be boring, with the on-camera personalities droning on in a monotone. That's an awful thing for students to sit through without zoning out - in which case they don't learn anything. Knowing this tendency, we worked with the talent to motivate them so their personalities would come through. The client was delighted with the result and the project has been extremely successful (you'll find one of the modules in the portfolio).

What are the most important things to consider when hiring a service provider in your field?

Producing a moving picture project is more than just an assignment - it's a relationship. There will be times when you and the service provider disagree on an approach. There will be times when you're right - and there will be times when the service provider may have insights from his or her knowledge and experience that lead you in a different direction from what you originally thought. The quality of the relationship, therefore, is key. Can you work with this person? Can you disagree with them without a negative impact on the project? Perhaps more importantly: can you trust them enough to let them talk you out of an approach if they say it's not in your interest? There's a lot of money at stake in this kind of production - and more than that: your image is at stake as well. Can you trust the service provider with both? I'd say that's the most important bottom-line question you can ask yourself.

What are your biggest professional influences (books, mentors, events)?

I was a film buff going all the way back to earliest memory. In childhood I was hooked on the old Universal horror movies - Frankenstein, Wolf Man, Dracula, the Mummy. After getting the daylights scared out of me I became interested in the people who made those and other movies. How could a translucent piece of celluloid give an audience nightmares? The idea fascinated me - and it fascinated me even more that there were people who made their living devising this kind of entertainment. I made my first feature film - trying to emulate one of the Peter Cushing / Christopher Lee films produced by Hammer - when I was twelve years old and was reading everything I could find on production and how movies were made. By the age of fourteen I was attending summer immersion programs in production and photography - and have been hooked ever since.

How do you typically handle disagreements with clients?

Generally a disagreement happens because two rational people each see a different solution to a problem. I try to test for what the best resolution would be - not because it's mine, necessarily, or the client's, but because the client is investing a huge sum of money in a project and if it doesn't work for him, it's at best a waste and at worst a detriment to his or her business. This is why relationships are so important in this business: if we are both approaching the issue with the same basic thought, we'll reach a good resolution. Of course if a particular approach is so important to the client that they consider it an imperative, we'll go with it. I can't think of a disagreement I've had with a client in 20 years that hasn't had a good resolution.


CEO at Northeast Legal Video

January 2012 - Present
In today’s legal world, video has become an essential litigation tool. With most lawsuits never coming to trial, compelling video documentaries speed settlement and maximize recovery – saving time and resources. Northeast Legal Video is dedicated to the creation of the highest quality litigation-related video productions. Our award-winning team combines deep subject matter knowledge with expert feature film and television storytellers who have created programming for theatrical audiences as well as CBS, PBS, Disney and others. To learn more and meet the team, go to or phone (203) 726-8200.

Co-Producer / Editor (as a service of Intervale Group) at Community Auditions: Star of the Day

January 2009 - January 2010
Exercised editorial control over this 30-minute regional TV series, providing complete postproduction service from receipt of the multiple camera master tapes through the release of each completed show and distribution to stations. The show became the most Emmy-nominated program in its region, having been nominated for six Emmy Awards and winning one in the first year and multiple additional Emmys in subsequent years.

Editor (as a service of Intervale Group) at Community Auditions: Star of the Day

May 2008 - January 2009
Served as Editor on this 30-minute regional TV series, starting with raw multicamera masters and crafting each finished program.

CEO at The Intervale Group, LLC

February 2000 - Present
Production and postproduction of feature, short film, broadcast and nonbroadcast projects, both single- and multi-camera. Production categories include documentary, dramatic, corporate/industrial, continuing medical education ("CME") and concert.

Senior Editor; Director of Technical Development at EagleVision, Inc.

January 1998 - January 2000

Editor, Assistant Director of Technical Development at EagleVision, Inc.

January 1994 - January 1998

Editor; Chief Engineer at Cabin Fever Entertainment, Inc.

January 1990 - June 1994
Designed and oversaw complete refit of television production facility from analog composite to SDI / analog component interformat. Promulgated and personally oversaw technical standards for facility as it rereleased over 100 feature films as well as the Laurel & Hardy and Little Rascals series into the home video market. Served as editor and/or producer/director on various original productions, music videos, commercials and promos.

Camera Operator / Editor / Production Assistant etc. at Freelance Production

January 1985 - January 1990
Served as a production freelancer in various capacities including camera operator, editor, production assistant, technician/engineer etc.

Special Officer at Stamford Ct. Police

January 1979 - Present
Part-time fully certified and commissioned law enforcement officer.


Colorado Technical University

Degree: B.Sc.
Field of Study: Business Administration / Management


2013 Golden Reel Award

Issuer: Media Communications Association International - MCA-I
Date: Dec 11, 2017
Top honors in this international competition for our production for fundraising organization donorworx, inc., entitled "donorworx: together we can make a difference."

2013 Telly™ Award (Bronze)

Issuer: The Telly Awards
Date: Dec 11, 2017
For the Northeast Legal Video capabilities demo video titled "The Legal Video Experts"

2013 Telly™ Award (Bronze)

Issuer: The Telly Awards
Date: Dec 11, 2017
For "donorworx: together we can make a difference" produced for donorworx, inc.

2013 Bronze Reel Award

Issuer: Media Communications Association International - MCA-I
Date: Dec 11, 2017
Bronze Reel Award for our demo production entitled "The Legal Video Experts" - one of four winners worldwide.

2010 Emmy Awards (Nominee as Co-Director)

Date: Dec 11, 2017
Nominated for Best Director - Live or Live to Tape for the regional talent show "Community Auditions - Star of the Day"

2009 Emmy Awards (Nominee)

Issuer: The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences
Date: Dec 11, 2017
Nominated as Best Arts & Entertainment Program for the regional talent show "Community Auditions - Star of the Day"

Connecticut Vision Awards (Winner - Over $30K Budget)

Date: Dec 11, 2017
Pratt & Whitney: The Joint Strike Fighter


Date: Dec 11, 2017
Corporate video: "Agawam: 80 Years"

Connecticut Vision Awards (Best of Show)

Date: Dec 11, 2017
Broadcast Program: "Jack Paar: 'As I Was Saying...'"

Connecticut Vision Awards (Gold)

Date: Dec 11, 2017
Broadcast Program: "Jack Paar: 'As I Was Saying...'"



Proficiency: Limited Working Proficiency


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Shelton, CT

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