About Me

I'm a life-long entrepreneur and innovator, and a devoted father and husband. I began a successful engineering company, Electroimpact, Inc. My company began from my invention of the Low Voltage Electromagnetic Riveter while I was pursuing my PhD from the University of Washington after my education at MIT.
Separately from my business, I am now increasing my focus to civil servanthood. I'm excited to be running for my local city council.

Business Description

I founded Electroimpact in 1986 and am the CEO. We are the largest integrator of aircraft assembly lines in the world with more than 500 employees. We are a manufacturer and a major supplier of automation and tooling to airline manufacturers including Boeing and Airbus.

My Skills



President at Electroimpact, Inc.

December 1985 - Present
My company was founded in July, 1986 by me. I thoroughly enjoy working with my teams, constantly improving the business. I'm passionate about engineering and have extensive education and experience in the field, and love bringing this passion to life through my company.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Degree: BS-MS
Field of Study: Electrical Engineering


Contact Information

4413 Chennault Beach Rd
Mukilteo, WA
Phone: (425) 348-8090

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