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I'm the founder of SpareRoom, the UK's busiest flatshare site / app (and hot on the heels of Craigslist in NY too), which I launched in 2004 and grew into a multi-million pound business with zero investment and lots of hard work.

I'm also a house sharer by choice. Through my own experiences (and over 10 years of hearing those of others) I passionately believe that living with the right people beats living alone. I'm on a mission to spread the word.

I foresee a day when many more people (like me) share even if they don't need to financially, just for the many benefits it brings. I can even imagine a time when people feel sorry for our friends who live alone (I know I do), and sharing is no longer seen as the poor cousin of renting, more like the cooler, more adventurous sibling!

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