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Well-traveled and experienced in various industries from finance, market research, human resources, food retail and BPO. I've been both a 9 to 5 employee and an entrepreneur. I've lived both sides and know exactly what businesses need to thrive and succeed. As an entrepreneur, I like to be in the driver's seat because decisions need to be made and decision-makers accept accountability. I'm very much hands-on and deeply involved with our clients because the company lives and breathes my core values. If you work with Benchmark, you work with me.

Business Description

Outsourcing is not just a strategy for reducing costs. If managed correctly, outsourcing can dramatically improve revenues. Our approach is to customize services according to the client's needs; from cost parameters to revenue targets. We work with our clients every step of the way and are committed to provide our best resources from personnel, infrastructure and IT. Our foundation is based on developing "right-fit" solutions for your company. This way, all areas of your business are aligned with your purpose and vision. The end result is unprecedented growth and long-term sustained levels of success.

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Profile Questions

What do you like most about your profession?

What I like best of being in BPO is that it showcases the ability of Filipinos to render high quality work and service. BPO is popularly known as an effective strategy to lower costs significantly but I look at it as a double edged sword that can increase revenues and sustain these new levels of growth. The Philippines, at 94% has one of the highest literacy rates in the world. 75% of our population is proficient in written and spoken American English. Our history of colonization has created a cultural melting pot of social mores and values that are a perfect fit for any multinational that wants to do business in the Philippines. The challenge with BPO is to deal with these preconceived notions of working with a multi-colonized, 3rd world country. These are actually a consequence of cultural nuances. Our approach is not to disprove these notions but to focus on contributing to the success of the client's business. We're here to work with clients and build their businesses together through BPO.

What questions do clients most commonly ask you? How do you respond?

Q1: How do you price your services? A. We price our services depending on the needs of the client and their business. By customizing services, we scale costs according to required capacity. We look for the most efficient frameworks to run the account. Although we are cognizant of cost parameters, we will not compromise quality by dropping rates. We eschew bidding wars for it commoditizes BPO. For Benchmark, its not about the number of accounts we service. Rather, the number of happy, satisfied clients we have because we gave them great service Q2. What is the most important, crucial component of BPO? A. People. Any service provider can have the same or identical IT or infrastructure. The differentiator will always be PEOPLE. Our approach in hiring people is not based on work experience but whether they are "right-fit" or not. Each project is different and people can always be trained. But being "right-fit" is crucial in order to align our people with the client's values, purpose and vision. This way, you build a team that's committed to the client. Q3: When should we expect a turnaround in our bottom-line. A. Because outsourcing takes advantage of economies of scale; cost of labor in the Philippines, you should already see a marked improvement in your bottom-line strictly from cost savings alone. In terms of direct contribution to revenue, this is a process and processes take time. We have to respect the learning curve and make sure the team moves along a slope. Q4 : How do you guarantee the success of the engagement? A: We institute a Process Improvement program with every campaign. The PI program keeps track of progress on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. We review statistics and other performance documents including behavioral metrics to make sure all bases are covered and improvements are implemented ASAP. The client is given reports and encouraged to have a regular weekly meeting with us to go over the performance of the team. Q5. How do you ensure protection of the client's information? A :Under the Data Protection Act, we are required to incorporate mechanisms to guarantee the integrity of the client's privileged information. We can opt to have these registered with the concerned agencies like the BPTTT (Bureau of Patents, Technology Transfer and Trademarks) or network operations according to the standards of the client. Personnel sign air-tight contracts with CA's and IT automatically blocks all sites not related to the service.

Describe a recent client engagement or project.

We're presently involved in developing the business of one of our clients, Light-Core Digital Enterprises, in the Philippines. Light-Core is a behavioral-based, business improvement firm from Ontario, Canada. We feel Light-Core's expertise is relevant to the Philippines as it prepares for Integration in 2015 and the General Elections in 2016. Both events are certain to introduce sweeping changes in the business environment.

What are 3 attributes you need to be successful in your industry?

1. Leadership 2. Commitment 3. Integrity

What are the most important things to consider when hiring a service provider in your field?

1. Take the time to DISCOVER who your Service Provider is. The company’s core values must be representative of who he/she is. 2. Perform due diligence; request for client references you can personally contact. 3. Request for an initial call/meeting and find out if the Service Provider has systems in place to address standard business concerns.

How are you different than others in your profession?

1. We build business from the perspective of RIGHT-FIT solutions. Everyone on board the project must be aligned with the client’s values, purpose and vision. 2. We respect the LEARNING CURVE. This is why we don’t accept commission-based payout as it undermines the true value of our people. Our goal is to build a right-fit team for our client and regardless of experience, it will take agents time to arrive at an acceptable level of proficiency. 3. I am very much involved in all of our clients that decisions on problems and concerns are easily made

What are your biggest professional influences (books, mentors, events)?

1. My Dad 2. Sir Richard Branson 3. Tony Fernandes

How do you typically handle disagreements with clients?

Rather than disagree, I try to find a common ground for our respective positions. What is important is that I am able to present our position clearly so we cannot be faulted for not speaking out our opinion. In the end, it will be the client’s decision on which avenue to take.

Describe your proudest professional accomplishment.

Starting Benchmark; a company founded on my values.



January 2013 - Present
Benchmark Global Management Solutions provides management consultancy and outsourcing services to companies worldwide. While outsourcing has been a proven strategy in greatly reducing the cost of business, Benchmark's other key objective is to significantly contribute or improve their clients' revenue generating programs. It does this by customizing a framework of operations for the client that addresses both revenue and cost variables in the profitability equation. A great deal of work, time, effort and resources are undertaken in developing this framework to make sure all the intricacies, details and crucial areas have been taken into consideration. This is a process where the company works hand-in-hand with each and every client.

As part of its growth and expansion strategies, Benchmark has introduced its "Global Business Partnership Program". Under this program, Benchmark seeks partnerships with individuals or corporations that can further its outsourcing interests in identified markets worldwide. Similar to a business partnership, both parties share in the revenues, but unlike the standard provision, all operational costs are shouldered only by Benchmark. It is a formula that has generated interest as it affords opportunities for entities to participate in this growing global industry without exposure and at the same time offer companies worldwide the cost-saving benefits realized by outsourcing.

Since the introduction of the "Global Business Partnership Program", Benchmark has established business development partnerships with companies in California, Alabama and Australia. It is reviewing partnership offers from Western Europe, Canada and other cities in the US. The Partnership Program is not only focused on developing markets for Benchmark. The company has also established partnerships with highly-reputable service providers to further strengthen and stabilize its offerings.


June 2008 - January 2013
Victory-Tech Global Solutions has been in the BPO industry since 2008. Over the years, Victory-Tech has managed operations of several corporations from different countries involved in a diverse mix of industries and services. In 2010, Victory-Tech opened its second office in Makati with the objective of providing top-notch facilities to prospective clients for contact service solutions and seat lease. Given its experience in managing accounts, Victory-Tech knows the importance of meeting the growth/profit objectives of its clients. In addition to qualifying candidates for key positions, Victory-Tech has factored in the importance of providing the best facilities in IT, telco and the general working environment in order to best assure productivity metrics are consistently met.

Vice-President at Seven Sierra Food Corporation

August 1997 - June 2008
Owned and operated a chain of US-based burger and chicken restaurants around the Metro Manila area.

Vice-President/Treasurer at Arktis' Maritime Corporation

June 1994 - October 2008
Provided sea-farers including ranked/licensed officers to our shipping principals from Singapore and Malaysia.


University of the Philippines

Degree: BS
Field of Study: Economics

La Salle Greenhills



Proficiency: Full Professional Proficiency


Who's Afraid of Labor Unions? Part 2

Publication: LinkedIn
Date: Jul 09, 2014
Although there may be a cultural and historical link to Asia's preponderance to organize, the solutions are found closer to home.

Who's Afraid of Labor Unions? Part 1

Publication: LinkedIn
Date: Jan 01, 1943
People are our greatest asset. We should embrace them. Not fear them.

Light-Core in Asia: Power to the People

Publication: LinkedIn
Date: Jan 01, 1943
With ASEAN Integration due in 2015, the continent is due for sweeping change. Light-Core's proposition hopes to bridge the great divide among the political, societal and cultural structures that will be torn down with Integration. Change is temporary. Transformation is forever. Are you ready to transform?


Contact Information

Paseo de Roxas
Makati Philippines
Phone: 4787297

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