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Our Business Success Coaching methodology allows you to focus on your business, increasing revenue and productivity while enhancing workplace efficiency along with growing the business using a 5 step profit formula to help you specifically track your business objectives.

Our Stretch Yourself Professional & Life Coaching is an ongoing professional relationship that helps to increase understanding, and improve performance, to produce extraordinary results enabling a client to stretch to their full potential to achieve fulfilling results in professional life by providing the support needed to identify, enhance, and fully use the skills, resources, and creativity that you already possess.

Business Description

Entheos Consulting Group works with businesses, non-profits, actors and athletes helping them to create a relational experience with their personal lives, careers, businesses, clients, and customers, through Business, Career, and Life Coaching.

We help frustrated and confused business owner generate new business by implementing our 5 step profit formula that helps them to generate the business leads they want while building their business

My Skills



Founder & CEO at Stretch Yourself Business Academy

March 2014 - Present
For years, Ron Broussard has been educating, empowering, coaching and transforming small businesses and organizations all across the world based on his proven relational marketing strategies through STRETCH YOURSELF.

✦ Now, with STRETCH YOURSELF Business Academy, he is bringing his unique coaching style on a critically-acclaimed learning platform straight to you! ✦

★ Through online marketing coaching platform, Mastermind Group, individualized coaching, consulting, and seminars across the country, there are now almost ENDLESS ways to connect, learn and grow your business with proven strategies to generate new leads, out-think, out-market, and out-sell your competition WITHOUT spending additional money on marketing and advertising… GUARANTEED! ★

Project Coordinator at Points of Light Foundation

March 2010 - May 2011
Provide exceptional operational support to include purchasing equipment and supplies, scheduling service for copier/printers, setup meetings and conferences, processing invoices, and managing vendor relations.


★ Headed up a major internal move project that involved, moving personnel, build out of new cubicles, and management of vendor services involved in the move, during National Service Conference week. Successfully accomplished moving over 20+ people without incident of lost property or equipment.

Executive Assistant to the President at American Investors Network

September 2006 - October 2008

★ Improved work quality performance by 30% by redesigning processes to streamline effectiveness

★ Conserved the President's time by representing him as a liaison between Key executives, employees and contractors, increasing focus and stop/loss by 15%.

★ Headed up special projects and assignments by implementing objectives; and monitored progress of projects delegated to completion, increasing cost effectiveness and efficiency by 20%

Author, Business Consultant, Certified Professional Coach at Entheos Consulting Group

December 2005 - Present

✱ Developed excellent reputation for bringing successful results among colleagues and executives; referred to as a “CLOSER” by colleagues ✱

Over 12 years of successful coaching and consulting clients for various organizations and under this company with the STRETCH YOURSELF™ program. Responsibilities include leadership and guidance of sales administration, team development, executive coaching and leadership training, training development, goal setting and strategies, new product launch and introduction, customer service management, new business start-ups and project management.


★ Authored three (3) books STRETCH YOURSELF, Create the Relationships You Deserve 2013, Wanting Eyes 2008 and Footprints Of My Soul 2009

★ Successfully coached and consulted over 3000 clients

★ Pioneered the proposal and funding request by leading a client to take an innovative approach while losing a business partner, generating $6M source capital for a growing transitioning business.

★ Full P&L Responsibility for creating business plans and growth strategy for business startups and franchises, establishing joint venture partnerships, and building operating infrastructure

★ Mentored and Coached two entrepreneurial students while contracting under Trump to achieve over $400k in 90 days and $5.4M in 18 months respectively.

Real Estate Investor Consultant at Entheos Consulting Group

December 2005 - Present
I realized right away when I bought my first home, that our experience was lacking that personal touch. First time home buyers, Second home buyers and even investors need both the knowledge and experience that will help them understand real estate and how their largest single investment can work for them. This realization was both gratifying and humbling knowing that you have given your best to someone in a win win situation. I know that with great trust comes great responsibility. This concept is marquee in the relationships I built with my clients and how I run part of my company.”

And he did just that by creating Entheos Consulting Group, a real estate consulting firm designed around the clients every need. Thanks to loyal clients, an exemplary reputation and a solid foundation, Ron Broussard and his skilled team plan on decades of service to his clients.

Success Coach at American Investors Network

September 2004 - October 2006
Financial freedom. Hands-on training. A large group of experts and mentors who share their wisdom and experience. This is just a sample of benefits received by members of the American Investors Network (AIN), an organization that specializes in training people in real estate investment. The strategies we teach and real-life experience our members gain give them the knowledge, confidence, and tools they need to build their careers and start down the road toward financial independence.

Here are just a few benefits to joining AIN:

Increase your personal wealth
Change careers without starting at the bottom
Improve your lifestyle
Earn money at your own pace
Work for yourself AND have a flexible work schedule
Leave a legacy to family or charity

Executive Administrator at Spherion Inc

November 2000 - September 2006
Worked for the following companies under this agency

Site Administrator at BellSouth Telesales Center

November 2000 - September 2006

★ Designed a Daily Optic Reports with Discoverer Database that tracked center sales and seller's performance, compensation, and bonuses, improving work performance by 50%.

★ Developed and applied the Daily Sales Trend Sheet (DST) that accurately tracked and analyzed run rate and percentage to plan that was implemented by all Bellsouth Outsourced Vendors for Bellsouth Small Business, increasing outsourced vendor performance by 10%.

★ Designed and implemented monthly promotions and incentives to increase seller's performance, resulting in a center sales increase of 25%

Executive Administrative NCO at US Army

May 1988 - April 1999

Managed $45,000 worth of training aides and supplies.
Coordinated with the First Sergeant on the input of the training schedules; maintained training files on all military personnel assigned to the unit.

★ Administered the Army Physical Fitness Test; coordinated marksmanship ranges for qualification, resulting in a 90% pass ratio.

★ Implemented an Advanced Training Program for overweight military personnel in unit, resulting in 100% pass and retention ratio.

Executive Administrative Specialist at 500th Military Intelligence

May 1987 - April 1999
Prepared and translated daily intelligence files, research, and follow-up documentation.
Managed day-to-day activities in a secured office-requiring superior organizational, project management, and attention to detail


Johnson County Community College

Degree: Certification Accreditation
Field of Study: Hospitality Management

Johnson County Community College

Degree: Certification
Field of Study: Hospitality Management

University of Maryland Asian StudiesCollege

Degree: Associates
Field of Study: Business Administration School Business Administration

University of Maryland College Park

Degree: Associates
Field of Study: Asian Studies

University of Maryland

Degree: Bachelors Legal Studies


Stretch Yourself Create the Relationships You Deserve

Publication: Outskirts Press
Date: Jan 11, 2013
What do people want to know about relationships? People want to know how to create relationships in all aspects of their lives that are fulfilling, that help them attract that special someone, that helps them gain genuine relationships in business and social settings, and improve their overall well-being. Stretch Yourself™ is designed to answer these questions, and more. It is written from the perspective of the reader and asks the questions people ask themselves, and answers them with the information people need to improve their overall character. It dispels many of the myths that people perceive someone wants in a relationship and draws the reader to look within to make the changes to attract the relationship that they want in life. Stretch Yourself™ will teach you how to create the relationships you deserve in your life, live with passion and purpose, and realize all your ambitions as a conscious creator. Not merely a relationship book, this book explains how to increase your confidence by starting with the most important relationship you have in life – the relationship you have with yourself. The 10 steps in this book are timeless principles that were used by successful men and women now and throughout history. By being consciously aware and actively practiced daily, these steps will transform your relationships and your life.

Wanting Eyes

Publication: LuLu
Date: Sep 04, 2009
Wanting Eyes looks at love from a male's point of view - wanting that true love, but going through many trials and difficult experiences to find it. Wanting Eyes shows that there are hardworking, loyal black men out there and we shouldn't let our past experiences spoil our search for love that is fulfilling.

Footprints of My Soul

Publication: PublishAmerica
Date: Mar 23, 2009
Footprints of My Soul is a compilation of poems and thoughts that were written throughout my path to find love. It is my wish that my writing will touch someone’s heart and maybe change the way they look at love. These poems are part of my soul, hence the name Footprints of My Soul. Each of these poems holds a significant time in my life when the emotions ran so high that I had to write to release. To this day, these poems bring tears, laughter, and contentment to my heart. It is my pleasure to convey and show my inner soul to the world to gain another look at these emotions we hold—most importantly that emotion called love! It is my extreme pleasure to bring you this compilation that those emotions brought into my life and ignited this insight into my soul…these Footprints of My Soul!


Contact Information

PO Box 957085Duluth, GA 30095
Duluth, GA
Phone: 6787431861

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