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We assist clients in optimizing organization performance, using specialized tools and internal research to build a framework for improving operating effectiveness, efficiency and profitability. Our research process helps to identify problems impacting performance. We work closely with each client, assessing needs and tailoring problem solving and improvement solutions to fit individual organization needs. Our results are measured using our clients' organizational metrics.

Our key specialties include organization assessment, leadership and management development, employee development, and human resources management services such as recruiting, employee relations, compliance and safety. Our purpose in each area of specialty is to add value for each client, short and long term.

As the Principal and primary consultant, Rosanna Nadeau's qualifications include the following:
- Bachelor of Science Degree, Education
- 3 Professional certifications: SPHR, SHRM-SPC, and Prana Certified Partner in Strategy Execution
- 20+ years experience including consulting and regular leadership roles in Human Resources, in a wide variety of industries including manufacturing, technology, services, non-profit, chemical, metalworking, plastics, paper and more.

Rosanna's base of experience provides an uncommon perspective and approach to building organization performance, one that is people-centered, data focused and custom tailored to make a difference for each client.

Contact us for information and/or a free initial consultation at 603-878-1546 or

Business Description

We work with executives in manufacturing and service organizations to improve performance using a systematic, 3-pronged approach: research, strategy and coaching.

To achieve results with my clients we customize all services, using a specialized, on-line assessment tool and a unique one-on-one interview approach to gathering relevant information that leads to valuable insights. Based on these insights, we partner with our clients to develop solutions, support implementation of solutions and then we follow up to measure the impact -- on operational effectiveness, efficiency and profitability. Our results are tracked using client metrics.

Our coaching and training services are custom tailored to meet each client's business objectives and employee needs.

We provide human resources services on a project or as-needed basis, and we are available during all our clients' hours of operation.

My Skills


Profile Questions

What do you like most about your profession?

I am passionate about building organization performance, while at the same time helping people to love their work. Working with clients to clarify and understand their needs, developing creative, effective solutions and initiatives, and supporting implementation -- give me personal satisfaction. I believe that employee training and development is critical on an ongoing bases, for people throughout the organization. Developing and custom tailoring training for each client helps ensure their needs are well targeted in each program, and our training design provides a framework to support participants in applying new knowledge and skills to the job. In addition, as a Human Resources practitioner for over 20 years, my up to date skillset can save clients time and money by providing services and support that are essential. Whether it's a one-time solution or an on-call program, serving and supporting clients to deal effectively with employee relations, human resources policy, handbooks, job descriptions, compensation, performance management and hiring are a few ways we can help.

What questions do clients most commonly ask you? How do you respond?

Q: How do you charge clients? A: We are problem solvers. We charge based on the problem solved and/or prevented, not for how many hours it takes us to identify the root cause(s) and other related activity. Q: How will you assess our needs? A: This begins with your initial, free consultation. I'll ask questions to gather information needed to scope out your needs including the outcomes you're seeking and your budget. We'll talk about the current status -- where you are now, and discuss what needs to be done to achieve your desired outcomes. Following our meeting, I'll return to discuss a proposal and to finalize our plan.

What are 3 attributes you need to be successful in your industry?

We provide custom services, not generic, off-the-shelf best practices or programs. Three attributes required include: 1. Solid subject matter expertise 2. Ability to understand each unique client's needs through effective, time-sensitive information gathering and dialog 3. Execution skills: communication, flexibility, ability to manage change, collaboration, establishing parameters, action planning, progress monitoring, project/program management and measuring outcomes/results

What are the most important things to consider when hiring a service provider in your field?

1. What value will the provider bring? Does he or she have professional tools and approaches for the work you need done? Are your needs aligned with the provider's primary focus and expertise? 2. Does the provider have up to date knowledge and skills? Valid licenses/certifications are essential. 3. What will you be able to expect from the provider? Will the work be customized to meet your needs, or is the service or product generic? Does the provider have a deep and broad perspective that will enable a positive impact on all stakeholders affected? Will the provider sign a confidentiality/non-disclosure agreement to guaranty protection of your business information? What services and situations are included and not included in the fee?

How are you different than others in your profession?

My background includes a Bachelors Degree in Education as well as professional certifications in Human Resources and Business Strategy Execution. With 20+ years of experience (in H.R. roles as well as in consulting) I have built expertise in building employee engagement, developing and delivering training at all levels, and leveraging specialized organization assessments as consulting tools to help clients build organization performance. Blending my specialties - improving organization performance, training/development, and H.R. management - creates a broad perspective that results in positive impact for organization stakeholders.

What are your biggest professional influences (books, mentors, events)?

Business books and magazines, mentors, first hand experience

How do you typically handle disagreements with clients?

Disagreements with clients are infrequent, due to strong communication. Should there be a disagreement, our goal will be to act in the client's best interest, with openness and objectivity. We would discuss the situation to agree on the problem and to develop alternative solutions for the client

Describe your proudest professional accomplishment.

My focus has been in three specialties: * Performance Improvement * Training and Development (employees and managers) * H.R. Management Therefore, I have gained great fulfillment from a variety of outcomes: - Prevented a strike and helped get a new union contract in place - Identified close to $100,000 in overpayments to benefits providers and obtained reimbursement for the company - Influenced a corporate decision on personnel policies, ensuring post-acquisition decisions related to compensation were positive for employees while meeting business goals - Designed and implemented suggestion programs that generated 50% employee participation within weeks - An experienced manager said he is a better manager because of his work with me - Recruited the right people for positions -- providing value to hiring organizations and to those hired - Resolved many, diverse employee relations issues - Helped managers to implement solutions to employee performance and/or behavior problems - Partnered with managers to drive significant change and culture change - Set up H.R. department; completed records audits; wrote policies; created job descriptions; established a compensation structure; developed bonus programs


Principal / Consultant at Prism Perspectives Group

September 2012 - Present
Independent Consultant, focused on 3 specialties:
1. Improving organization performance
2. Developing and delivering custom training for all levels
3. Human Resources Management


Framingham State University

Degree: Bachelor of Science
Field of Study: Education



Authority: SHRM
Start Date: Jul 01, 2015
End Date: Jan 31, 2019

Prana CP - Strategy Execution

Authority: Prana Business
License: Annually renewed since 2013
Start Date: Jul 01, 2013


Authority: HRCI
Start Date: May 11, 2011
End Date: Jan 31, 2018


Contact Information

Manchester, NH
Phone: 603-878-1546

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