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Hi there! I am Sol Gonzalez.

I help people build and improve their professional and business online presences, targeting a broader market (reaching Latino consumers), and using great resources to boost their plans. I grew up living and breathing small businesses with my family, in small corporations, and as an individual. Supporting SME businesses is part of my passion.
As a previous cofounder in a company with an amazing team from whom I learnt more in-depth topics about diversity and inclusion, I am prepared and culturally aware when working with diverse clientele. For me, keeping in mind all businesses and owners differences by showing respect and interest but also bringing up their similarities will get me closer to the real them and their expectations - and that matters a lot in physical and online businesses.
I had served as the IT/web Web person, and consultant for a couple of nonprofits and had played different roles; marketing director, marketing manager, web developer, cultural program manager, and Spanish content strategist are just a few. I've always done my best because I simply love IT. We are in a time in where our passions should no be a mystery - Just my thoughts.

I like embracing projects involving women and entrepreneurship, online and digital business, cultural marketing, web development, Latino/Hispanics program, and consumer communications.

If interested in connecting with me? send me a private message, or invite me to your groups.

These next websites are places in where you see my persona in action.

Business Description

Hi there, I am Sol Gonzalez.. I help people bring ideas online. I have the tools, connections and experience to support you from the beginning.

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Seattle, WA
Phone: (206) 659 8434

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