About Me

Finance professional , commercial lending , owns boutique commercial finance firm

30 years experience in Canadian Business Financing

" He seems to know everyone " - CFO - Financial Post 100 Firm

Specialties: Asset based lending, Working Capital Financing , Franchise Finance , SR&ED Tax Credit Financing , Film tax credit financing - Canada, Equipment Financing, Securitization facilities , government small business loans

My Skills



Founder / CEO at 7 Park Avenue Financial

January 2004 - Present
7 Park Avenue Financial originates business financing for small, medium and large corporations . Our core competancies are asset based lending, equipment financing , banking, franchise financing, tax credit financing for SR&ED and film/tv/digital animation, energy financing. We have originated in excessof 100 Million dollars of financing for our customers since 2004 .


Contact Information

Oakville, ON Canada

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