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Steffen Maier is an expert in the field of HR tech and performance management and a recognized thought leader in Human Resources innovation, with extensive experience and knowledge surrounding feedback, engagement, organizational culture and successful workplace practices. Steffen’s position as co-founder and CMO of New York based HR tech company Impraise also sees him assist organizations with the transition from the annual performance review to a more impactful approach of real-time, 360-degree feedback and peer coaching. He has successfully implemented this beneficial approach to performance management in a variety of international organizations.

Steffen has won multiple awards in the field, including 2nd place in the JIBS Entrepreneurship challenge and 4th place in the Lisbon Challenge, beating over 500 applicants. He also holds a master's degree in strategic entrepreneurship, and regularly contributes to a large variety of publications, some of which include Fast company, BizzJournals and CMS Wire. Steffen also has a long-standing role as a regular contributor for Entrepreneur & CMSWire among 30 more blogs, where he shares his insights into organizational culture, feedback and other trending topics in the Human Resources, management and business sectors.

He is Y Combinator alumni, and a founding board member of HR Tech NL: an Amsterdam based initiative which seeks to build a community of like minded industry members to establish how technology can help develop current HR practices. Steffen is also a recognized public speaker and has shared his knowledge at multiple events including HR Core Lab, HR Tech World, the Accenture Innovation awards and Beyond HR.

Business Description

Impraise helps companies replace the tedious annual performance appraisal with actionable continuous feedback. Instead of waiting for valuable coaching advice, employees and managers can ask for and provide feedback when it’s needed most. Its 360-degree feature breaks down hierarchical barriers to development, by providing much needed upward feedback. With its people analytics reports, users can analyze key strengths, predict talent gaps and take ownership of their professional development.

Over 130 companies are now using Impraise’s web and mobile based platform for all of their performance management processes. Request a demo today so we can find the best fit for your unique workplace.

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