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Over 30 years of hands on experience in software development and global market development. Founded and bootstrapped software startups to leadership positions in once prominent but now obsolete markets. Former CEO of a leading K-12 EdTech PAAS site. Mentor with startup accelerator programs such as Techstars (named one of the 2016 Top 5 Mentors), Patriot Boot Camp, and CoFoundersLab. Adviser to startups including a 3D Food Printing group commercializing Patent Pending technology developed under grant for NASA. Particularly adept at bootstrapping companies by identifying innovative ways to generate revenue and develop collaborative relationships. Extensive experience in designing and delivering advanced data and network management solutions integrating large scale distributed data, disaster recovery, and security.

Currently supporting the startup community with advice and mentorship while exploring opportunities in search of the next "Ah, ha!" moment, team, and challenge.

Business Description

Rebooted Avanti as a conduit for leveraging the connections and experience developed over 30 years of successfully bootstrapping startups through minimum viable product and new market development. Provide strategic business advice and mentoring to start-ups from idea stage through launch and securing seed funding.

My Skills


Profile Questions

What do you like most about your profession?

The great thing about technology is that the only constant is change and the minute you stop learning you become obsolete which creates both enormous challenges and fantastic opportunities.

What are 3 attributes you need to be successful in your industry?

An insatiable desire to learn. A commitment to being exceptional. Recognition that teams accomplish more than individuals.

What are the most important things to consider when hiring a service provider in your field?

How well do they communicate with you. Are they just seeking work or are they interested in helping you to succeed? Do they offer more than just what you sought for them to provide? Pay close attention to your first impressions.

How are you different than others in your profession?

I have been around long enough to recognize the circle of evolution which exists in our industry and have been fortunate enough to enjoy some success thanks to great mentors and team members so I am not driven as much by the need to prove something as the desire to do things right and pay back some of the good fortune I've received.

What are your biggest professional influences (books, mentors, events)?

Family and friends who hold me accountable for all I do.

How do you typically handle disagreements with clients?

Communication. Most disagreements are the result of a failure to communicate by one of all of the parties involved. In most cases, simply communicating can lean to common ground resolutions.


Advisor / Mentor at Various Startups

July 2014 - Present
Provide strategic business advice and mentoring to startups from idea stage through launch and securing seed funding.
- - - -
Adviser / Mentor through the following accelerator programs:
- - - -
Techstars Austin 2016 - 03/2016 to Present: .
• - Lead Mentor
• - Lead Mentor
• Mentor resource to the other 8 startups in the program.
- - - -
Patriot Boot Camp Austin 2016 - 06/2016 to Present: .
• Direct mentor to 8 of the veteran entrepreneurs, as well as a mentor resource to the other 42 veterans in the program.
- - - -
Adviser / Mentor to the following start-ups (among others): .
• Techsolete: Mentor - 10/2015 to Present /
• DeadEye Marksmanship: Adviser - 07/2014 to Present

Founder / President at Avanti Technology, Inc.

March 2014 - Present
Rebooted Avanti as a conduit for leveraging the connections and experience developed over 30 years of successfully bootstrapping startups through minimum viable product and new market development. Provide strategic business advice and mentoring to start-ups from idea stage through launch and securing seed funding.

CEO (Interim role) at Teachers Notebook LLC

October 2012 - February 2014
Approached by the technical Co-Founder, a former employee, who sought business and technical guidance towards growing this K-12 educational site and better positioning it for investment or acquisition.

• Acted as adviser for first couple of months before assuming the CEO role.
• Assisted with the site redesign and migration to multiple, purposed cloud servers (AWS) for scalability.
• Expanded brand and business development opportunities through new marketing and site promotions.
• Revised business model to improve profitability, content delivery methods and data security procedures.
• Developed and vetted investor contacts then lead negotiations exiting upon acquisition by OverDrive.

Combined efforts resulted in significant growth in all metrics (Visitors, Members, Products, Sales, and Vendors all up over 200%). Site traffic averaged over 500K visits/month in Q4 2013 of which 45% was unique. Additional reorganization of site advertising was on track to more than double ad revenues. Planned introduction of targeted email advertising was anticipated to increase revenue even further.

Founder / President / Chief Software Architect at Avanti Technology, Inc.

August 1990 - December 2012
Launched as a one person, bootstrapped startup, Avanti quickly became one of the leading developers of enterprise-wide network and server management software solutions supporting the Novell NetWare File Server platform worldwide. Benefiting from NetWare's rise to dominate the Server NOS and LAN/WAN market from the 1990's to early 2000's, Avanti continued to support the platform well beyond Novell's designating December 2010 as the End Of Life for the Server NOS. Avanti's products were frequently reviewed as Best In Class and considered the standard by which other competitors were judged. Despite software development having been phased out in December 2012 after more than 20 years as an industry leader, several sites, each running 50 or more active NetWare servers, continue to utilize TaskMaster as their replication and synchronization solution for data distribution, disaster recovery, and archival purposes (as of June 2016).

Among the achievements were:
• Bootstrapped from one person startup to a client base with 1000's of sites and almost 100,000 servers worldwide with offices in Austin, TX and Colorado Springs, CO.
• Chief Software Architect for:
-- NConsole Server Monitoring / Capacity Planning (selected one of the Best Products of 1995 by PC Magazine).
-- TaskMaster Task Automation / Data Replication and Synchronization (the first RSYNC solution - used for 2000 US Decennial Census).
-- XTree Tools for Networks (licensed and integrated Avanti's early product technology into new product suite).
-- Custom development of SNMP MIB and Anti-Virus File Engine for 3Com, HP, and Command Software.
• Built a network of VARs providing direct sales and support covering Europe, Asia, and Australia.
• Developed brand by evangelizing on developer advisory boards and on-line forums, speaking at conferences internationally, writing articles, and authoring a book on server management.

Vice President at Applied Computer Management

August 1989 - July 1990
Responsible for all technical aspects of marketing, sales, and support, including budget, pricing and P&L, for this network systems integration and support services firm specializing in Novell NetWare networks.

• Developed new business opportunities in Europe and Australia.
• Established new and strengthened existing supplier relationships.
• Promoted brand and offerings by attending and speaking at conferences / user group meetings.

Managing Director (Business Development Consultant) at Sunbelt Software International

January 1989 - July 1989
Assisted in the launch and market development for distributing network utility software throughout Europe.

• Developed the business plan and marketing strategy for creating a network of VARs across the European Economic Community (EEC).
• Recruited VARs and trained their personnel in sales and support strategies.
• Trained and managed staff providing VAR sales and technical support.

Extended a multi-year agreement but returned to the U.S. early due to family issues and work VISA complications.

Co-Founder / President at Sunbelt Computer Systems, Inc.

February 1983 - December 1988
- - -
02/1986 to 12/1988
Co-Founder / President
Responsible for all business operations, including the role of company visionary, for the global market leader in DATABUS (PL/B) language compilers and utilities.

• Promoted to President after buy-out of one of the three Co-Founders.
• Assisted in software development while continuing to develop new business and lead support efforts.
• Helped organize and participated in initial committee meetings for ANSI X3J15 PL/B Standards Committee.

Decided to sell controlling interest to remaining Co-Founder in order to pursue broader long term opportunities.

- - -
08/1983 to 02/1986
Co-Founder / Director of Marketing and Support
Prepared a business plan, participated in negotiations and secured financing to buy-out original investor in exchange for a Co-Founder role in the new company.

• Developed business relationships to expand market opportunities for porting the compiler suite to most prominent LAN networks and Unix systems, including 3Com, Novell, and SMC.
• Negotiated custom porting, co-marketing, and distribution agreements with vendors, including HP, NCR, Unisys, and Datapoint.
• Created, organized, and hosted the first DATABUS (PL/B) International Developer Conferences.

- - -
02/1983 to 08/1983
Marketing and Support Engineer
Joined Sunbelt as it introduced its first DATABUS (PL/B) programming language compiler which supported porting Datapoint ARCNET business applications software to the emerging PC multi-user and network environments.

• Responsible for all marketing, sales, support and training efforts, including product documentation.
• Built a VAR network servicing the U.S., Europe and Australia.
• Evangelized for company and market by promoting and speaking at conferences / user group meetings.


Wichita State University

Field of Study: Business


Best Products of 1995

Issuer: PC Magazine
Date: Apr 23, 2017
Chief Architect behind NConsole server management software recognized as one of the Best Products of 1995 by PC Magazine while CEO of AVanti Technology, Inc.


Intel Software Network (ISV)

Authority: Intel Corporation

Microsoft Partner Network (ISV)

Authority: Microsoft, Inc.

Novell ISV Silver Partner

Authority: Novell, Inc.



Proficiency: Limited Working Proficiency


Proficiency: Professional working proficiency


Proficiency: Native or Bilingual Proficiency


Columnist (1993 - 1995)

Publication: Networking Solutions - Austin, TX
Date: Apr 23, 2017
A leading national monthly magazine covering the integration and support of computer networks.

Columnist / Reviewer / Technical Contributor (1991-1995)

Publication: LAN Times - San Mateo, CA
Date: Apr 23, 2017
A leading weekly national magazine covering local area network and general technology.

Under The Hood (Technical Tips)

Publication: Networking Solutions - Austin, TX
Date: Apr 23, 2017

Weekly Columns (Product Reviews / Technical Tips)

Publication: LAN Times Magazine - San Mateo, CA
Date: Apr 23, 2017

Baseline Sampling for Netware

Publication: CRC Press
Date: Mar 01, 2001


Contact Information

Austin, TX
Dripping Springs, TX
Phone: 512/607-6541

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