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With 30 years of business experience and having been a professional business coach since 1997, I've trained dozens of coaches and seen the industry grow.
Thanks to this experience, I've systemized all the tools business owners need to develop their business. Unlike business coaching, I give you workbooks, tools and systems ready to implement, not waste your time and mine having long discussions, where you still need to create your own solution. Check out the website for free samples, video and the "7 Steps to Business Certainty Study Course". Its yours free!

Business Description

Based on 20 years of training thousands of businesses, with our supplied measuring tools and systems, you'll find hidden profits you didn't know your business had and with our ready to use systems, the huge time component of growing your business is simple and taken care of.

Increasing turnover isn't hard but increasing profits without marketing is more challenging and that's where Profit Transformations training courses excel.

Every company has "untapped" profit opportunities and thanks to 20 years of training thousands of business owners, with our tools we can show you the profit in your company fast.

Its not uncommon for our clients' businesses to increase net profit by $120,000 to $680,000 within 4 to 12 months of starting our training. Plus our clients' businesses grow faster, while the owner works less every year. Its the results every business owner wants, but doesn't know where to find or who to trust to achieve it.

See real businesses and real business owners achieving the results you dream of on our company website home page.

Profit Transformations services businesses all over the world with our very affordable online business training courses.

Check out the website for more information about our courses and end the stress of owning a company forever and enjoy the success you always wanted.

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Profile Questions

What do you like most about your profession?

The huge difference it makes to business owners lives. When you increase profits in businesses by $50,000 to $680,000 in months, without them needing to spend more on marketing, it really transforms the owners business, and their own life.

What questions do clients most commonly ask you? How do you respond?

Does this work for my business? Answer: absolutely! It was initially created after mentoring training of 300+ 1 on 1 business owners for 10 years, and then created with all the proven solutions, measuring tools and complete systems from that decade of training, before being refined again with many hundreds more business owner clients. Spectacular results demonstrate the training course' effectiveness with service, manufacturing, retail and wholesale businesses. Do the systems work? Answer: 100%! its been more refined than virtually any systems you get anywhere in the world. Will it increase my profits? I've tried other business coaches and it didn't. Answer: Yes, beyond your imagination. Virtually no client really believes the content can double their profits, until they see their own business's P & L Statement with the results! Most of our clients have tried 1 or 3 business coaches, but they refer all their friends unreservedly even after starting our training. That's because it works!

Describe a recent client engagement or project.

A plumber had tried to business coaches with little success. He was sceptical for a while, until he saw how specific, practical and systematic the training and workbooks were. Now he reported a profit jump - during the Workshop Series - of $120,000 in one quarter! That's an equivalent of nearly $500,000 a year in PROFIT. He felt de-stressed at home too. He stopped thinking and worrying about his business, bills to pay, employees etc. No more stress was what he reported. An electrical contractor saw his business net profit increase by $855,000 over 18 months, without spending $1 more on marketing and that owner now works a 4-day week, every week and takes regular holidays.

What are 3 attributes you need to be successful in your industry?

Integrity, experience and ability to follow through. Integrity, to exceed expectations of all clients, to over deliver. Experience, because nothing replaces it. It took me 10 years to feel like I knew much about business coaching and solving clients challenges. Now after 20 years, the solutions are obvious to all the challenges you face in business, with staff, lack of time, money and growing the business. Following through relates to integrity. Its where you do exactly what you say, to give clients what they expect and beyond that. To keep them in mind, years after they stop paying and considering their needs indefinitely.

What are the most important things to consider when hiring a service provider in your field?

Check out their results! Too many business coaches "talk the talk", but don't walk the walk. They just don't get results. Check their videos testimonials, if they have any. Ask about the challenges you face. If they can't give you specific solutions and say, 'we'd need to talk more, or discuss it in detail', to your questions, they don't have the answers. Compare prices. More expensive isn't better! Masters of their trades don't need a huge price with their services to justify how great they think they are.

How are you different than others in your profession?

I created The Academy of Business Mastery, as a complete business growth training course. Business coaching is expensive due to its hourly rate discussion structure, plus you need to create your systems, find your measuring tools and guess how to implement strategies with all their questioning of you. The Academy of Business Mastery training on implementing complete, ready to use measuring tools (that are supplied), systems your business needs, strategies that are all proven to work and reviews of your business as the training is conducted. No other training supplies highly refined measuring tools, assists you in customising them to your business and then reviews the numbers being shown to give you proven strategies to increase profits and margins, without spending $1 more. The Academy includes all this and best of all, its far more affordable than business coaching.

What are your biggest professional influences (books, mentors, events)?

Hundreds and hundreds of books and dozens and dozens of mentors from Michael Gerber back in 1992 to Tony Robbins in 1994 and so many in between. There are too many to mention.

How do you typically handle disagreements with clients?

I rarely have them. Professionals know how not to get into difficult situations in the first place whereas amateurs are good at getting out of them. The key is to identify challenges as soon as they might appear. A leader knows the ways a follower will sabotage their success from their leaders guidance and counteracts it instantly. My professional partners, such as accountant often say, "I can't even imagine you getting upset or having a problem with a business owner". Avoidance by understanding people is the best solution and that's where my experience helps.

Describe your proudest professional accomplishment.

Being the Worldwide Business Coach of the Year in 2000. Seeing my business coach protege be awarded the Rookie of the Year. Seeing clients go from working 80 hours a week with no life, to working zero hours and moving to another city where they lived and it happening in 10 months. Seeing business owners amazed at the massive jump in their profits, without even talking about marketing strategies or them spending one dollar more.

What prevents extreme success in business?

The lack of management training by business owners and their skepticism towards needing it to transform their profits and quality of life.


Business Coach at Profit Transformations

December 1997 - Present
Founder of the company, previously named Business Building Mentors, which started in 1997 when Tim began as a pioneer for the business coaching industry.


Worldwide Business Coach of the Year 2000

Issuer: Action International
Date: Aug 10, 2000


Secret KPIs to Motivate Your Employees

Publication: Secret KPIs to Motivate Your Employees
Date: Nov 09, 2016
This book reveals the secret motivators of employees so they will work harder and more productive while you (the owner) work less and less. By applying the contents of this book (and follow up bonus training webinar) your profits will increase rapidly and your workplace environment will become happier. This is a FREE book, go to the website to get a copy.

7 RED Hot Marketing Strategies to Rocket Profits

Publication: Book
Date: Nov 11, 2013
This book reveals seven highly refined, yet simple strategies to rocket the profits of any business. From a simple phone greeting to risk free price rise and "combination" strategies you'll gain a lot of powerful, risk free, zero cost to implement strategies to rocket your business profits too. This is a FREE book, visit the website to get a copy.

The Academy of Business Mastery

Publication: Full business growth training course
Date: May 15, 2006
The Academy of Business Mastery is a complete business growth training course fully systematised with Powerpoint content for sixteen sessions, ten workbooks and forty nine digital email Templates. The course was first written in 2006 and has been refined extensively through interaction with hundreds of business owner course attendees since that time.


Contact Information

Brisbane Australia
Phone: 1300 778 377

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