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I am an experienced and professional trade manager, coordinating mutually beneficial trade opportunities for member businesses. I am a highly creative individual, motivated sales professional and eager to learn about your business. The nature of my company is that my success is directly related to the success of my members.

I follow a Zen philosophy on life and believe that every harm we do, we do to ourselves and every act of kindness is an act of kindness to ourselves.

I've had some real life lessons in the past several years that have altered my philosophies on life, family and business. These lessons include caring for my significant other who has Cystic Fibrosis, Gastroparesis, CF related Diabetes and Diabetic Retinopathy, helping my son through early stage 4 laryngeal cancer and my daughter who suffers from Crohn's Disease. These lessons have taught me that life is precious, family always comes first and that each moment is fleeting, wonderful and never will repeat itself. Each experience in life is a gift to be treasured.

I have worked with people my entire life from bartending at the Palomino Club to sales training for Chateau Canmore Resorts and the International Reciprocal Trade Association. I believe that everyone is unique and special and there is a positive spin to everything. I understand and get along with people and its my nature to try and help others reach their goals.

My strengths are diplomacy and mediation, alternative thinking, excessive positivity and an honest approach to sales. I rarely fail to see opportunity in any situation and am the Business Development Director for Trad. Commerce Exchange, Trad. Consolidated Corp and Trading Post Canada.

My objectives are to establish a consortium of businesses that compliment each other and help grow the Manitoba business sector through alternative new business finance, mutual currency exchange, entrepreneurship programs, internship programs and projects that spotlight Manitoba business.

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5 - 30 Carlton StreetWinnipeg, MB, CanadaR3C 1N9
Winnipeg, MB Canada
Phone: 204-295-9473

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