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I am a business coach. I provide business coaching to business leaders and the owners of privately held and family owned companies. 90% of every independently owned small business fails within the first 10 years. I can help keep that from happening.

I have been successfully leading businesses, managing people, building teams, building and executing difficult business strategies - both locally, nationally and internationally - for 35 years. I combine my business experience with proven coaching techniques and strategies from AdviCoach's 28 year history, to be able to ensure the business success of my business leader clients.

I provide awareness and education to my clients, and represent an outside set of eyes on their business, while holding them accountable for doing the things they know and agree they should be doing. I am the perfect business management 'partner', to ensure that the business (commercial) side of their company is profitable, growing and healthy.

I help business owners in avoiding the common causes of business failures and ensure that they keep focus on the key elements of business success. Therfore, depending on the need of the owner and the business, I can help them with such things as the development of a strategic/business plan, break-even and cash flow analysis, business financial projections, unique sales proposition/branding statements, tactical marketing plan, sales management system, new employee acquisition processes, team building and communication, employee performance incentive plans, time management, exit strategies, etc.

I can help business owners increase their profits by at least 68% per year, and to build teams to help run the business for them so they can get some time back for themselves. I have helped clients in the businesses of accounting, financial planning, advertising, branding products, architecture, specialized home and commercial cleaning services, technology consulting, executive recruiting, etc.


Managing Director & Co-Founder at Carolina Business Academy

November 2012 - Present
Co-founder of this organization, focused on group and educational programs for small business owners.

Business Coach at AdviCoach Business Solutions

January 2011 - Present
I provide business coaching to business leaders of all types, with a primary focus on providing business coaching to owners of privately held and family owned businesses. If the business owner feels like the business is running him rather than the other way around, I can assist. If there is a desire to take the business to the next level, and/or if the owner has not reached, or does not know how to reach, his personal goals through his business, I can provide the road map and execution plan to get him there.

I help ensure that the commercial side of the chosen business activities is successful -- i.e. is healthy, profitable, and growing. My overall objective is to do whatever is necessary to ensure the success of the business owner. This could involve strategic business planning, cash flow management, financial management, people acquisition and management, business leadership development, sales and marketing strategy and tactics, exit strategy, time management, efficiency/expense improvement, operations and procedures, organizational plans, business benchmark setting and review, etc.

Managing Director, Life & Health Business at Imagine Group

September 2007 - August 2010
My role was to lead this non-life Bermuda-based non-life insurance company into the life, health, and annuity reinsurance business.

President, International Division and Executive Vice President at Transamerica Reinsurance

January 2000 - January 2007
My role was to provide leadership of the new expansion effort of Transamerica's reinsurance business into markets outside of the US. That effort initially was to Asia and Latin America, and eventually to Europe. Within 6 years, the business reached revenue in 9 figures (US$) and a profit return in excess of 20%.

Senior Vice President at ING Reinsurance

January 1974 - January 2000
I joined this life reinsurance business in its infancy. While I was there, I saw the business go from an irrelevant force in the market to becoming an itnernational player as well as number one in the US in terms of new written business under my leadership.


University of Iowa

Degree: BA with honors
Field of Study: Actuarial Science


Contact Information

Charlotte, NC
Phone: 704-997-5002

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