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Mike Milo

Editor-in-Chief at Animation

Los Angeles, CA

I have been in the Animation Industry for over 20 years and run a successful Animation e-zine blog.

Modeo Media

Exciting and Compelling Videos at Modeo Media

Naga City Philippines

Modeo Media gives your business optimum exposure through high impact animated videos.

Khurram Khan

Founder at Technology Bench

Islamabad Pakistan

Over 18 years of professional experience in Software, Education, Government, and Telecom industry.

Othello Gooden Jr.

Writer at Othello Gooden Jr.

Cincinnati, OH

Sci-fi Animation Vlogging Video game designing Storytelling Music Composition

Brendan Yong

Founder at DemoSpin Pte Ltd

Singapore Singapore

We love to tell a story about your idea or product with a 2-D explainer animation. Communicate your idea & improve conversions.

David Yarr

Co-Founder at Pencilcake Animation Services

Los Angeles, CA

I created Pencilcake Animation Services to show companies how they can better market themselves, their products and brands.

Charlotte Rinderknecht

President at Studio Kinate

Fairfax, VA

I am Studio Kinate's visionary. I focus on visual storytelling using animation for film, television, web and mobile technology.

I specialize in helping people create high power creative teams. Feel free to contact me directly

Sara Mazzolini

Teacher at English Department


Space Travel Teaser Enjoy your trip to Outer Space! Enter our Dreamworld of Magic Songs! Drown in the Sea of Music.

Lisa Richards

3D Artist/ Animator at Vikingo Games

Miami, FL

I've been working at a game company. We make children books and games. My services range from Illustration to 3D design and animation.

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