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Steve Hartel

Dream Enabler at Trilogy

Woburn, MA

Helping people achieve financial independence by using practical, affordable, goal-driven financial techniques.

Achint Prabhat

Business and Financial Analyst at VentureLab

Chicago, IL

Steve Clute

President at Leadergized

Minneapolis, MN

We overcome the obstacles and stresses of SMB's and help clients research, analyze, plan and achieve their dreams and goals.

Jeff Maclaren


Littleton, MA

I am an operationally-oriented part-time CFO experienced in finance, accounting, planning, contracts (including government), HR, and more.

Mayra Urbano

Founder at Fiftyeight Consulting

Jacksonville, FL

Organize, integrate, communicate and analyze a wide range of financial and operational information.

Jayant Tewari

CEO & Financial Technologist at Out Sourced CFO

Bangalore India

Out-Sourced CFO (Chief Financial Officer) Services to Small & Medium Enterprises

Richard Veltre

President at Harbour Rock LLC

Morristown, NJ

I am a 20-year veteran CPA and my advisory firm provides part-time CFO services to growing start-ups and entrepreneurial organizations.

Jesse Thompson III

Independent Contractor at Global Business Funding

Dallas, TX

I am here to provide a service that would enable me to service others financial needs for their business.

Patrick Zazueta

Founder at Huntington Coast Capital

Huntington Beach, CA

My company assists small business owners in obtaining the perfect capital package for their business needs.

Melanie Gulliver

CEO at

Chateauneuf de Grasse France

Living in South of France for 14 years now and enjoying it. Building a relocation business and write business ebooks too.

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