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Bill Russell

Managing Director at Bill Russell CruiseOne

McLean, VA

I am an experienced entrepreneur with interests in several technology start-ups and my wife and I own a travel agency.

Abbe Patterson

Silicon Valley, CA

Over 18 years of experience. Developing strategies at trailblazing companies, e.g., Google, where I worked with the founders in 1999.

Ana Bela Nogueira

CEO at Strada magazine, Ameise Editora, ABN seguros

Aveiro Area Portugal

I love challenges and new ventures establishing targets with the aim to the success of the business

Patrick Frison-Roche

CEO at Hopscotch Système Europe

Dublin Ireland

I run Hopscotch Système Europe, a PR & Digital agency part of Public Système Hopscotch, a Top 20 global PR agency.

Marko Nobles

Partner at InJoy Enterprises, LLC

New York, NY

I have worked in PR/Promotion, event planning and production my entire adult life. Some of the organizations/copanies I have had the ple...

Bobbie Carlton

Founder at Carlton PR & Marketing

Woburn, MA

I'm the founder of Mass Innovation Nights AND Carlton PR & Marketing.

Annesa L Lacey

Founder & CEO at @.l.interpretations

Chicago, IL

Amazon Kindle Author | B2B Ghostwriter | Business Mastermind Copywriter. Help entrepreneurs/small business owners achieve Thought Leadership

Vidushi Patel

Independent PR Consultant at TagusPR

London United Kingdom

PR consultant with experience of over 17 years in the B2B technology space.

Steven Swartz

Founder, CEO at SIZZLE PR

North Reading, MA

Lachlan Ross

Sole proprietor at LJR-PR

Geelong Australia

Geelong/Melbourne-based Public Relations, Social Media expert, Part-time blogger & drummer extraordinaire. Twitter: @lachlanross84

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