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Diane Strutner

Director of Business Development at GetApp

Barcelona Spain

California native living in Barcelona! Interested in SaaS, Internet, Technology, Entrepreneurship.

Ryan Dwyer

CEO at VIP Piano Club Inc

Portland, OR

My background is national competitive gymnastics till 1999, as well as becoming a proficient pianist starting in 1994.

Brian Reid

President at MBA Commercial Group, LLC.

Addison, TX

Thirty-five years of sales, management, and entrepreneur experience in start-up, and business development opportunities.

Joseph Bernard

President at myTeamSuite, LLC

Chicago, IL

Joseph is the founder of myTeamSuite™. In this capacity he has architected the myTeamSuite™ UI, social media and sales forecasting modules.

Robert Price

Director of Operations at artgoodies

Grand Rapids, MI

40 plus years in sales, management, technology, staff development, product development, marketing, research, sales training.

Bashrat Din

Managing Director at Zumzum Limited

Stockport United Kingdom

Preston Odenbrett

Co-Founder at 1kings17 Consulting

San Pedro Sula Honduras

Hi, everyone. I have been involved with small business owners and professionals for the last 22 years. I have owned several businesses.

Paola Valencia

Account Executive at Swipely

Providence, RI

Advertising/Sales professional working with Main street America businesses through startup businesses for two years.

Jamie Dobay

Director of Expansion/Master in the Art of Leisure at Entrepreneur

Aurora, IL

I work independently and am in charge of expansion. I am looking for motivated individuals to help expand business in the US and abroad.

William Morgenstein

CEO at Marquesa Funding & Consulting Corp.

lake worth, FL

Extensive background in Management, Sales mgt and Finance. Will try to answer both lending questions & give advise to those starting out.

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