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Peter Nguyen

Founder / CEO at Entrepreneur Exchange

Montreal, QC Canada

Business consultant specialized in startup consulting, training, small business marketing, and intellectual capital.

Salma Burney

Virtual | Mobile Assistant & Computer Instructor at Virtual Girl Friday

Hamilton, ON Canada

Ellen J. Harris

CEO, Founder Digital Revenue Strategist at Business-Accelerated® Company

Beacon, NY

We help professionals frustrated with inconsistent cash flow pay more attention to their audience and transform their top and bottom line.

ms ra

san francisco, CA

introducing myself

Shawn Parr

CEO at Bulldog Drummond

San Diego, CA

I have 22 years of innovation, marketing, brand and business—building experience to companies, from Fortune 500s to early stage start-ups.

Brandy Anderson

Marketing Director & Project Manager at AppIt Ventures

Denver, CO

I wear many hats. :-)

Jean-Baptiste Sawadogo

President at Leader One Inc

Ottawa, ON Canada

I empower leaders int heir desire to lead innovation, build happy wealth and enjoy a life they love. MBA, Certified Coach, Mentor.

Benjamin Warsinske

Founder at, Inc

Chicago, IL

I help entrepreneurs and executives improve their organization through performance management, analysis, and strategic planning.

Mike Milo

Editor-in-Chief at Animation

Los Angeles, CA

I have been in the Animation Industry for over 20 years and run a successful Animation e-zine blog.

J.R. Cunningham

Long Beach, CA

Industry Fuel. Liaison. Submariner.

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