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Rob Thomas

CDO & MD at

Bristol United Kingdom

I specialise in all aspects of On-line sales & marketing incliding Social Selling & Web Strategy Implementation | SEO | PPC | eMail etc

Meenu Singh Solanki


New Delhi India

★ Digital Marketing Expert with 4 years of experience.

Lisa Borden

Owner + Idea Girl at Borden Communications and Design In

Toronto, ON Canada

I’m not a coach, a consultant, or a concierge, but rather I strategically combine these services to increase efficiencies and revenue.

David Smith

Job Search Consultant and Social Media Manager at Careervisa

Blackburn United Kingdom

I am a Job Search Consultant, CV Writer and Linkedin Profile Optimiser. Providing the tools you need to embark on a Job Search campaign.

Alexandra Kapelos-Peters

Operations leader

Toronto, ON Canada

Business operations consulting

Richie Hannah

Founder & CEO at Yellow Cap Media

San Diego, CA

I help businesses accelerate their growth by leveraging 19 years of experience in Digital, Web, Mobile, Strategy and Marketing Optimization

Stephane Bee

Creative Director – Visual Communication Designer at Bee Creative Agency

Brooklyn, NY

I am not an artist, I am a visual marketer. Where inspiration meets ROI.

Josh Dolin

Founder at Tempo Creative

Scottsdale, AZ

I'm a published author, entrepreneur and founder of Tempo Creative, a web design and digital marketing firm in Scottsdale, Arizona.

les kollegian

CEO at Jacob Tyler Brand Communications Agency

San Diego & Washington DC, CA

Jacob Tyler is a full service advertising & marketing agency working with global brands to produce award winning creative and strategy.

Mirna Bard

Business Growth Consultant at Mirna Bard

Costa Mesa, CA

Hype-free Strategy Consultant for Social Media & Digital Marketing ★ Executive & Corporate Trainer ★

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