10 Commandments of a Salesman

By Roman Palic,
business.com writer
Mar 12, 2015
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1. Always tell the truth (or building a trust)

The truth is foundation of trust.

Whatever you sell, tell the truth, no matter what. Its all about trust. Whatever you report (through your pipeline or weekly meetings or Partner meetings) be sure you can deliver. Your Partners depend on what you say. Your company is making plans on what you report. You are depending on what you can deliver. Nobody will take against you if you tell or report bad news. On the contrary, most of your Partners or your bosses will increase their trust in you.

In front of the Partner, telling the truth about the matters that concern them is always more than helpful. This way of comunicating with your Partner increases the trust between you and them, as well as between the company you work for and their Partners. There is no place for any type of lies between you and them*. Lies of convenience

*I am using _you and them, they (as your Partners) just for convenience sake

2. Always keep the promise (or building on a trust)

To be able to deliver what you trutfully promised are a stone walls of trust.

If you promisse to deliver, be sure you can. Othervise, the level of trust in you by your Partners will fall and eventually your bosses will start to receive complaints about you or you will face a sharp decline in order intake. If you fail your promisse more than once, be sure that the word about it will spread through the market and, in these days, any market is small. And, your company will be perceived with a bad image. Follow up. Your Partner or your colleague or your boss is not obliged to remember things.

3. Never be late

Some are saying that beeing maximum 15 minutes late is ok. No, it is not. By arriving on time (not earlier or late), you show respect to the time of your Partners. Remember, your Partners time is very valuable to them and they are giving you their time for free this is an achievement by itself. Dont abuse it, dont let you Partners wait for you rather start your trip to the meeting earlier. Same thing goes for your company. If you say you will do something on certain time do it on that time exactly.

4. Always keep in touch

It is always nice to keep in touch with your contacts. You never know what destiny lies with them or, as a matter of fact, with you. By nurturing and growing your contacts, you will increase a chance of allready having a market in your next endeavor.

5. Be a support to your customer

Sometimes (and it is a taboo to say it out loud), your Partner doesnt really know what they want. Help them to decide but dont rip them off. Rather find a solution that suits your company and your partner at the same time. I know it is hard, but it is very possible. Spend some time over it. Know your targets.

6. Always know what you sell

Dont let the Partner outsmart you or teach you about the solution you sell, you will feel stupid and the company you work for will loose its reputation. And vice-versa, dont outsmart your Partner because it will make them feel stupid. Rather educate them, explain it to them, show it to them.

7. They are not customers they are Partners

Dont sell product sell a solution, or rather, sell a solution to a problem. If you sell sailing rope, big trucks or mobile subscription it all comes to one point. Your Partner needs help, you are not the only one on the market and you are not the cheapest one on the market. If you sell a solution to a problem, this differentiates you from your competition and at the same time, helps your Partner and solves their problems. Listen to your Partners, derive their needs, make a solution.

8. Learn, develop, be proactive

Things change, solutions change, these days even faster than before. Internet is a great thing. Give new ideas, suggest a solution to internal problems, make suggestions.

9. Know your competition

Remember, your competition does not sleep. They know all about you and your market. You should know all you can about them. Your Partners will compare and you will need to have the answers ready.

10. Never mix private life with proffessional life

Well, keep your mood at your home. Your Partner doesnt really need to know how you feel today. You are a professional. Act like one.


Oh, one more thing. There are a lot of trainings on the market that are claiming to teach you how to be a perfect salesman. Its all baloney. Essentially it all boils to above 10. Nobody is perfect, nobody is born to be a salesman. This is a skill to be learned it takes lot of years, mistakes, problems.

An experienced, successful and dynamic Telecoms & Technology sales/BD executive whose current role is Sales Director for Panosing (Kathrein) Croatia. In the past he has successfully preformed as a Sales Manager for Huawei in Croatia and who has also worked in senior sales/BD and General Management/Country Management positions for Alcatel-Lucent, Vodatel and T-Mobile. Has an international mind-set and approach, having worked in Belgium, Croatia, Oman, Qatar, Romania and Slovenia and offers language fluency in Croatian, English and German. Sales expertise is supported by a degree in Telecom Engineering. Possesses highly-developed customer management skills and is experienced in dealing with C-Level executives within client companies.
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