Reduce Your Footprint: 10 Companies That Are Making an Impact / Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Use these resources to maximize your productivity while simultaneously helping the planet and economy for future generations.

Living and working today is focused on greater efficiency, meaning doing more with less in order to sustain the environment, natural resources and cash flow. 

With sustainability, social responsibility and sharing as the driving forces of our global environment, many companies have taken up the cause to help you bring that efficiency to your life.

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10 Companies to Make Your Day More Efficient

Seventh Generation: In business for over 27 years, Seventh Generation aims to add green efficiency to your life with a growing line of products designed to take care of you, your family and your home.

The plant-based products including cleaning products for dish washing, disinfecting, laundry, surface cleaning, trash bags, and paper products.

seventh generation

 Iamge via Seventh Generation

Additionally, they now offer baby products like diapers and wipes as well as a line of feminine care products. Removing toxic products from your life also provides health efficiency.


LunchBots was started by a mom that was frustrated by the options for lunch containers because they were often wasteful and harmful to the environment as well as not conducive for taking healthier food options.

The company has expanded to offer a whole line of non-plastic containers, including Bento boxes, insulated containers, leak-proof containers and container sets that make it possible to take healthier lunches to school and work in an environmentally efficient way to avoid spending money on extra containers or plastic bags as well as on poor food choices.


Sungevity: The trend toward solar is still taking time to catch on but companies like Sungevity are offering ways to make it more affordable and convenient. In the process, that means your business or home becomes more energy and cost efficient, especially in light of fluctuating electricity costs that show no signs of going down.

No more three and four-figure electricity bills with solar. Instead, you might even be making enough to sell some back to the utility company, creating even greater efficiency for your bottom line.


Axion is working to improve urban and rural infrastructure while being more efficient with available natural resources. They have a solution for railways, bridges, and other infrastructure projects in the form of composite building products made from recycled materials.

These products are non-toxic, impervious to rust and last considerably longer than those previously used products that relied on natural resources. Axion’s products are also efficient in terms of their ability to be installed faster.


Tesla: Intent on making our transportation more eco-efficient, Tesla’s cars are now commonplace on the road with dealerships popping up to make the electric car more accessible, attractive, and affordable.

tesla motors

 Image via Tesla Motors

The company is also delving into other ways to help make life more efficient with the potential for batteries that help power homes, businesses, and even recreational vehicles.


With water conservation reaching critical levels of importance, Dropcountr helps you see how much water you are using as well as how this compares to others, plus alerts you to drought warnings and water restrictions in your area. Available for iPhone and Android devices, this app provides a way to improve your resource efficiency at home and work.


PandaDoc keeps your team up to date with the latest information and making sure everybody is on the same page can seem inconvenient with spreadsheets, documents and proposals constantly needing updating and quickly getting lost in the barrage of emails that hits your inbox everyday.

They are an online service that allows you to automate those documents, making it easy to update your team and manage it remotely. Sales representatives can pull content from manager approved files, as well as a built in workflow management that automates the approval process and allows electronic signatures significantly reduces the time spent sorting through emails and memos.

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Carma Carpooling

Finding someone to carpool with used to be challenging and was purely based on hearing if someone at work might be able—and willing. Carma Carpooling has changed all that by connecting you with people in your local area through an app for iOS and Android so that you can become more fuel, cost (and time) efficient when it comes to yo ur daily commute.

carma carpooling

 Image via Carma Carpooling

There may even be opportunities to use this for other activities like running errands or taking long-distance trips. Many major cities are now linked into Carma Carpooling to make it more accessible to those in the U.S. and around the world.


Oroeco: Rated by Mashable as the number one app to make you more environmentally friendly, Oroeco helps you track your carbon footprint so you have a better understanding of how your actions impact the overall climate change process. Available for iPhones, the app also provides recommendations on how to make the changes that will shrink that footprint and save money.

It comes with a collaborative feature to encourage comparison and competitions within the community to do even more to shrink that impact on the environment as well as incentives like cash and prizes for sharing the app with others.

Kalptree Energy

In an attempt to shift away from cumbersome, heavy and non eco-friendly batteries, Kalptree Energy is developing batteries that are more efficient in terms of their transformational battery architecture. These batteries are lighter weight, offer an extended life and are flexible, meaning they can be made in many sizes and shapes.

With endless possibilities for integration into all types of products, Kalptree is impacting how other companies create products that rely on battery power, providing further efficiency in terms of resources, costs and environmental impact.

Final Thoughts

This is an exciting time to be living and working as more companies put the power of innovation to work to create the type of solutions that help us all enjoy a wealth of efficiency to maximize what we can do with our resources and help sustain the planet and economy for future generations.

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