10 Irresistible Logo Designs That Attract Then Impact

Business.com / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Which logo designs have the most impact and why? Find out in our new free whitepaper.

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“Attract, then Impact”. It’s a simple two-step process to follow when crafting a logo for your brand. But with today’s digital noise and the multitude of visual charms constantly distracting viewers, the once-uncomplicated method to creating a logo has become, well, quite complicated.

In this whitepaper, find out which logos have been successful in not only attracting customers, but impacting them over and over again. We’ll also provide data on what companies are doing and what you should think about when building your brand.

Attract, then impact your customers.

Click on the Image Below and Learn...

  • 41% of companies have a text-only logo
  • 33% of companies use blue in their logo
  • 63% of companies use sans fonts versus script fonts
  • What emotional responses colors evoke
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