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Help Is On the Way: 10 Places to Find Talented Freelancers at a Cheap Price

Scott Gerber
Scott Gerber

Freelancers can be a godsend. They're accustomed to working on strict deadlines, and they're oftentimes the more cost-effective option than full-time hires.

But, finding the right freelancer can be tricky, and, when you spend days looking for the right person, it defeats the purpose of hiring "quick" help.

The 10 entrepreneurs below from YEC frequently turn to freelancers when they're faced with projects that need to be done in a pinch.

Of course, keeping their budget in mind, they turn to these reliable resources for top-quality talent at a great price.

1. Freelancer.com

There is such a deep talent pool available at Freelancer.com. We work on a lot of internal side projects that we manage our main company, and if we need an extra set of hands, we will search out specific talent here. Their process to search, interview and hire is simple. We have tried almost all of the freelancer marketplaces, and this one has provided the best results in terms of talent. – Jonathan Long, Market Domination Media

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2. Guru

This pioneering site for freelancers has been around for a long time and has one of the widest arrays of specialized freelancers available. This global marketplace for projects also connects you to outsource talent that is willing to work for some of the most competitive prices, which makes it a good source for startups. – Angela Ruth, eCash

3. Students

Your nearest university is a great place to look for talented students. The students that we have employed are hard-working, experienced, committed and looking for work experience. – Leila Lewis, Be Inspired PR

4. Specialist Job Boards

Finding a quality freelancer often depends on the type of freelancer you need. For writers, I often use Online-Writing-Jobs. For developers, look to highly-vetted services like TopTal.com or Crew.co. You'll have better luck finding qualified specialists by looking in niche communities. – Mark Daoust, Quiet Light Brokerage, Inc.

5. Inbound.org

There is a great thread on Inbound.org asking freelance writers to comment on the post with their details and why clients should hire them. Hubstaff is coming out with a directory that will allow freelancers to create profiles for clients to search, and it's free for both sides to use. – Jared Brown, Hubstaff

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6. Upwork

Upwork has one of the largest communities of freelancers and is the result of a merger between Elance and oDesk, both of which are no longer available individually since rolling into Upwork. We have found many of our top hires for short-term projects on the platform, and you will have people bid on the job based on the budget you set. – Natalie MacNeil, She Takes on the World

7. Ziptask

Establish a diverse network of experts you can reach out to for referrals. If a referral isn’t an option, check out one of the many crowdsourcing sites online. Small projects are a great way to test freelancers to see if you can use them for future projects as your company grows. We've had luck with Ziptask. – Chuck Cohn, Varsity Tutors

8. LinkedIn ProFinder

I created a job posting on LinkedIn ProFinder and have hired two freelancers that have worked out very well. The process is simple, and you'll receive a number of candidates right away. The cost may vary, as many of these folks will be in the U.S. That said, it's an effective tool for finding the resources you need at any price. – Andrew Thomas, SkyBell Video Doorbell

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9. Other Founders

We've always had hit-or-miss experiences with freelancers when we've sourced them from websites, but I can't think of a time I wasn't pleased with the work when I had a warm introduction. A freelancer is doing critical work for your business; it's worth being patient and asking your friends for someone they trust. – Aaron Schwartz, Modify

10. Craigslist

Depending on the skill-set needed, don't forget about the simple but powerful local online community of Craigslist. While not a one-stop solution, it’s a big attraction for a lot of people looking for freelance work. – Peggy Shell, Creative Alignments

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