10 Questions with John Rampton: Business.com Market Expert of the Month

Business.com / Starting a Business / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Market experts are entrepreneurs, visionaries and mold-breakers. This is very true of March's Market Expert of the Month, John Rampton.

Each month, we recognize one of the thought leaders in our writing community, the Market Expert Program. 

Market experts are entrepreneurs, visionaries and mold-breakers. This could not be more true of this March's Market Expert of the Month, John Rampton

John is the CEO of Due.com, a San Francisco based online payment platform. He's an entrepreneur, investor, online marketing guru and startup enthusiast. 

Read his touching tribute to Dave Goldberg that was shared by none other than Sheryl Sandberg herself.

1. In three sentences or less, tell us “your story” as an entrepreneur. 

Started from a young age and never stopped. I’ve had my share of success, failure and everything in between. I’m always striving to become better.

2. In three sentences or less, tell us about your business. 

We make payments awesome. I believe paying and getting paid shouldn’t have borders and we’re working to help every business in the world make this possible.

3. What inspired you to start your business?

I’ve been a freelancer/small business owner for years and am always worried about cashflow. It’s hard getting paid. It’s even hard paying people in different parts of the world where things like Paypal isn’t accepted. I want to change this. Help people like myself pay and get paid easier and in a much more efficient manner. Part of my core is helping people. Money is something we can’t survive without. If I can solve that problem, a lot of the bigger problems in our world can be solved.

4. What is the most rewarding (and the most challenging) part of what you do?

Hearing the stories of people who have been able to use what we’ve built to scale their businesses is rewarding beyond comparison. Having someone tell you that because of something you built they were able to pay a bill or stay up with things. There are a million challenges in life but having rewarding things like that help you blow past them and not worry about them.

5. Which current marketing trends do you see as “the future”?  

I see the future of money being global. I like to refer to this as ecash and put some extensive research into it. I believe that money shouldn’t be limited to borders. There shouldn’t be a reason why we can’t pay someone else across the world and have them have the money in their account that day. The future of money has no borders and should be instant. 

6. What do you believe makes for successful marketing? 

Successful marketing is based 100% on the person behind it. For me success is typically tied to profit. But this can change for different people. I work with a charity and they attribute successful marketing to the number of people coming to their site and reading their articles. In general successful marketing comes down to figuring out what your users truly want and need and then presenting them with those options. This could be an ecommerce company selling something and you’re driving users to your site to purchase something. An app company driving app store downloads and engaging with the hottest new game. Every step of the way being measured and getting better and better each and every day.

7. If you had to give the former you a few words of advice, what would they be? 

Start now! I feel that I have put so many things off in my life for tomorrow that I have regretted. Tomorrow turns into next week, then turns into never. I would start things a lot quicker and fail a lot faster. If you’re struggling in your life, get started now. You WILL fail, but it doesn’t matter. Every time I’ve failed in my life I’ve learned. This has made me into the person I am today and will shape you into a better you that can handle that negative situation in a much better way.

8. How has your experience in the Business.com Market Expert Program benefitted your business and/or career?

I love sharing my experiences with people. If they can learn from that “one dumb mistake” I made in the past this is a win for me. The more we help each other out, the better everyone will be. The Business.com Marketing Expert Program has given me the ability to express myself in an unedited environment where I can share my honest opinions on life, business and the journey.

9. Which entrepreneur do you look up to, and why? 

I really look up to Bill Gates. They guy is super rich, given away his fortune several times and is helping people from around the globe. That’s something I aspire to become. He is also someone that loves helping people every chance he can.

10. What’s your favorite motivational quote?

This is a quote that I say, I’m not sure if someone said it previously but I always say “Don’t compare your chapter 1 to my chapter 15.” This is a quote that helps me realize that I can’t compare myself to others as they are at different points in their life as well as run completely different lives… aka “books”. We’re not the same an never will be.

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