Beyond PowerPoint: 10 Tools and Services for Better Presentations / Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Learn how to create a perfect business presentation using the following 10 online tools. Get ready to wow 'em!

As your business grows, you might find yourself creating more and more presentations. You have to create presentations for investors, potential clients, and business partners.

You also need to create presentations for your social media pages, website, and other aesthetics and clarity matter a lot when you are discussing your brand.

These 10 tools and services will help you create stunning and effective presentations regardless of your audience.

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1. Oomfo

Oomfo won’t let you create a presentation, but it will let you create any kind of chart or graph you need to convey your ideas and financials. Connect your Oomfo account to cloud data or your Excel files. You can select a template from their program to get started, or you can design your own. Just keep in mind that Oomfo only works with Microsoft 2003 and above.

2. Slide Rocket

Slide Rocket lets you create and mange presentations in one place. You can import existing PowerPoints, images, sound clips, and text. Create the presentation and then use tracking software to determine how many times it is viewed and what level of success it achieves in your market.

3. Essay Capital

Essays Capital creates custom presentations for entrepreneurs, business owners, and other professionals. You just send them all the relevant information and they will create a professional presentation.

4. VCasmo

VCASMO is a presentation editing tool for when you have multiple slideshows. You can easily publish the presentations side by side on any device. The account is free and comes with 512 MB of storage space, so you can manage business presentations, trainings, ecourses, and more.

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5. Essay Mama

Essay Mama is a custom writing service for students and professionals. But the website also creates custom PowerPoints. All content is written by professional writers with advanced degrees in their fields of expertise. So, you can rest assured that your presentation will be clear, easy to read, error free, and professional every time.

6. Prezi

Prezi makes it easy to create custom graphics for your presentations. Prezi is a wonderful alternative to standard presentations because you can create your entire presentation on one zoomable screen. You then zoom into each section of the image individually. It’s a unique way to organize a cohesive presentation when you want your content to stand out.

It works well for traditional presentations, but it’s also great to show off the different departments or products of your organization when you’re giving presentations to your potential partners and investors. A Prezi can also be great way to create brand loyalty on Twitter or Facebook.

7. is a presentation software that lets you customize existing presentations or create new ones. You can add a video or audio file and have it run alongside your presentation. lets you incorporate content from Google Docs, Excel files, PowerPoints, Word docs, and more. The free program is limited, so you may need the paid version if your business creates a lot of presentations.

8. Papers Gear

You can order a custom presentation on any topic from Papers Gear. The papers are always edited by professionals, so they are of the highest possible quality. One benefit to hiring Papers Gear to design the presentation is that they can also create any content to go along with it. So, flyers and other handouts will all be written in the same voice. All content is edited and proofread, as well as checked for plagiarism.

9. Knovio

Knovio is an innovative presentation technology that lets you include your voice on the slides. It’s a great way to show your personality when you work with subscribers or other people who consider you the expert in your field. You can coordinate the vocal track to run parallel with the slides. If you already have a presentation that you want to make more personal, you can upload a PowerPoint to Knovio and modify it.

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10. Scrollshow

ScrollShow is a scrolling presentation editor for your iPad. You can run it at multiple speeds depending on the content of your presentation. It’s an ideal platform for presentations involving timelines or chronological events. It’s also great for showing off photos of your company through the years or showing off your brand and your corporate team. The app isn’t free. You’ll pay $4.99

There is no denying the importance of presentations to the success of your business. There is no easier or more effective way to communicate your brand message on a broad scale to all of your potential clients, customers, and partners.

But in order for your presentation to actually help your business, it needs to be cohesive, clean, and attractive. These tools and resources will help you create stunning presentations to help your business grow and succeed.

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