Get Connected: 10 Ways to Reach Today’s Savvy Female Consumers / Starting a Business / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

We’ve outlined here 10 ways businesses can reach savvy women consumers in today’s connected marketplace.

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses need to reach their increasingly savvy women consumers amidst a sea of marketplace choices, breaking through the clutter with products that offer up everything from quality to trending styles to cost-effective pricing.

Based on Influence Central’s work with the nation’s top consumer brands, as well as our in-depth consumer research studies, we’ve outlined 10 ways businesses can reach women consumers in today’s connected marketplace.

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1. Know the Impact of Social in Influencing Purchase Decisions

As women consumers seek out new products, they now look to their online network, and the recommendations they find on social media play a key role in influencing their purchasing decisions.

In fact, 92 percent say online reviews are very/extremely important when making a purchase, and 78 percent say they find them very/extremely influential, even when purchasing from a brand they know and like.

2. Understand the New Expanded Consumer Footprint

Years ago, tech, auto, and big-ticket appliance purchases often presented a challenge to consumers who typically felt outmatched when interacting with in-store sales staff. Now with consumers able to seek out E-commerce reviews easily and find product information at their fingertips, they’ve profoundly expanded their consumer footprint.

Today, 91 percent of consumers check online reviews for home electronics and 88 percent check for tech purchases. Moreover, 85 percent of women consumers feel comfortable buying both a Smartphone and the accompanying plan on their own.

3. Help Keep Household Budgets on Track

From Millennials just getting started to financially savvy Empty-Nesters, the desire to save money proves universal. And today, social media makes it easier for connected consumers to identify strategies that help them stay on sound financial footing.

In fact, 60 percent of Millennials follow brands on social media to learn about new deals and coupons, while 46 percent of Empty-Nesters connect with brands specifically to learn about deals.

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4. Ratchet Down the Risk Factor

Cost-savvy consumers increasingly want to lessen their risk of spending money on a product that fails to meet their needs. Today’s online recommendation culture, and specifically E-commerce reviews, helps consumers mitigate this risk factor by offering up reviews featuring authentic, firsthand accounts of product experiences.

As a result, 96 percent of women consumers say online reviews prove very/extremely influential when buying a product from a brand they’ve never before purchased.

5. Get Ready for the New Discerning Consumer

As consumers turn more and more to online reviews and digital product information and content, they’ve become increasingly savvy and discerning as they evaluate new purchasing choices.

Now, 77 percent of women consumers view themselves as very/extremely discerning in deciding whether or not to trust a particular online review, and 98 percent say they can most of the time/always tell when someone who has posted an online review is credible.

6. Know the Importance of Authenticity

Today, consumers have entered a new era of authenticity. When hearing from brands, Millennials in particular, look for transparency, honesty, and authenticity.

Yet when Millennial women become moms, that need becomes even stronger, as they now seek out products for babies and kids, and the need to know what’s in these products becomes so important. Overall, they look to connect with brands they feel reflect their own lifestyle values. 

7. Recognize Changing Demographics

As today’s Empty-Nesters see themselves as hip, modern adventurous women they continue to feel a gap in how they envision themselves and how they’re depicted in traditional marketing.

Moreover, a full 60 percent of Empty-Nester consumers say traditional ads don’t resonate with them because they feel they are not accurately targeted. As a result, marketers need to alter their view of where Empty-Nesters are at this life stage and change their strategies accordingly.

8. Incorporate Smart Mobile Strategies

Women consumers on the move, driving to work, running errands, and shuttling kids to softball practice, rely on cell phones to be their lifeline. Moreover, as families increasingly move from landlines to Smartphones, consumers use their phones to do everything from connecting with kids to getting driving directions.

With 51 percent of women always connecting to social media via their cell phones, businesses can look for opportunities to strategically stay in touch with these consumers, no matter where they go.

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9. Make the Shift to Digital Couponing

Our purchase-path research with a host of women cohorts demonstrates that seeking out deals and promos continues to resonate with a variety of consumer groups. In this current environment when consumers get inundated with constant brand messaging, couponing remains a strong incentive to encourage trial and purchase.

Empty-Nesters prove no exception, 67 percent of these women often use coupons and promo codes when making purchases, and only two percent never use coupons. However, rather than clipping coupons from the Sunday newspaper as women did in previous generations, they leverage their online skills and researching abilities to seek out deals and savings, with 44 percent using their Smartphone to download coupons. 

10. Look Beyond Brand Loyalty

While many of us grew up with the same brands in the family pantry or medicine cabinet year after year, today’s families have moved away from longstanding brand loyalty.

Now, consumers look toward social media to help them get the best deal or to online reviews to help them get a better understanding of a new product they may want to try. In fact, an opportunity exists for brands to fully understand this new purchasing dynamic and realize that every day presents a chance to attract and retain new customers.

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