11 Cheeky Business Valentine's Day Cards for the BFF In Your Office

Business.com / Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Who says handing out Valentines is just for kids? Here are 11 perfect cards for all of your coworkers- complete with a print out!

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Valentine's Day as an adult would be so much more fun if we delivered cards and candy to each other at work, just like in the good ol' days. We decided to bring back this tradition, but instead of the brightly colored Hello Kitty and Sponge-Bob notes, we thought it would be a lot more fun with buzzwords (we're marketers, after all).

Here's what we'll be passing out around the Business.com office come Friday, complete with candy hearts, of course. Scroll to the bottom for a PDF print out so you can give them to everyone in your office, too!

1. For the marketer who never shuts up about conversions...

Business.com Valentine's for your co-workers

2. For the email marketing manager whose well-being hangs on an unsubscribe rate...

Business.com Valentine's for your co-workers

3. For your work wife/husband that you'd be totally bored without every day...

Business.com Valentine's for your co-workers

4. For the person you always talk with about going to happy hour, but rarely actually do it (p.s.- you should do it)...

Business.com Valentine's for your co-workers

5. For your boss, whom you're always trying to suck up to without looking overly desperate...

Business.com Valentine's for your coworkers

6. For your co-worker that insists on replying all. EVERY. TIME.

Business.com Valentine's for your co-workers

7. From an engineer to a designer, who have a love/hate relationship (but it's Valentine's Day, so let's focus on the love)...

Business.com Valentine's for Coworkers

8. For your office crush, just to put the feelers out there but not too awkward if they laugh instead of plant one on you...

Business.com Valentine's for coworkers

9. For the person you'd actually give your real info to in a form...

Business.com Valentine's for coworkers

10. For the person that cares way too much about what they look like, just because you know this is what they've secretly always hoped to hear...

Business.com Valentine's for coworkers

11. For the marketer who's going to think this is the best Valentine they've ever seen...

Valentine's for your coworkers Business.com Adsense

Print out the PDF below to deliver these beauties to your deserving cohorts.

Download Infographic

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