Up and to the Right: 12 Essential Growth Hacks for Content Marketing

Business.com / Marketing Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Some quick and cost-effective growth hacks for content marketing that you can employ to drive real results for your business.

You know you need to be doing content marketing, but you are pressed for time, have a strict budget and lack resources.

Sound familiar?

In this article, we are going to show you some quick and cost-effective growth hacks you can employ to drive real results for your business.

1. Write Kick-Ass Titles

Headlines can make a world of difference to the success of your content marketing. You most likely already know this, so why are you still producing content with subpar titles that don't attract attention? Your headlines should speak to a need or problem people have.

Numbers and interesting adjectives work well, and so do titles containing "what", "why", "how" or "when" For example, "10 awesome ways you can increase the value of your home" and "How you can easily sell your car in 24 hours".

To ensure your headlines are the best they can be, try writing around 25 different ones for each piece of content you produce before choosing the best one, and use a headline analyzer tool.

Remember, if you get the headline wrong, you lose your chance to make an impact with the content you produce and miss out on valuable potential leads.

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2. Make Your Content Super Easy to Share

It needs to be as easy as possible for visitors to your site to share your content they obviously don't want to have to work too hard to share what you've produced.

By ensuring share buttons are included in your posts, and placed in prime positions, you can help users to spread your message far and wide. If you use WordPress, you can use plug-ins such as Monarch to add your attractive, eye-catching sharing buttons easily.

3. Guest Blog

Guest blogging has the power to increase leads and build trust and awareness of your brand. As well as writing blog posts yourself, you could offer up your blog to guest posters. Doing this will enable you to grow your content and increase your readership, with fans of the guest bloggers becoming aware of your business through the posts that the guests will inevitably share on social media and their own sites.

4. Newsjack

If you're stuck for content ideas, this growth hack is an excellent solution. Newsjacking involves seizing the moment, as you give your own angle on breaking news stories. One excellent example of this comes from Oreo; during the 2013 Superbowl blackout, their tweet “you can still dunk in the dark" went viral.

5. Write Longer Pieces of Content

Google loves in-depth pieces of content. So in order to move up the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), and impress prospective clients, try investing some of your time in researching and writing longer posts generally more than 1,000 words is best.

In the case of CrazyEgg (a web analytics service), conversions were increased by 64 percent, just by utilizing longer copy.

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6. Audit and Improve Existing Content

Don't ignore past successes. Expand on and improve any content that is already ranking. By upcycling your existing content, you can save time, money and resources while increasing leads and sales. The improvements could be as simple as changing images, links, formatting and headings, or could involve taking a short piece of content and covering the topic in much more depth. A good place to start is your website's static pages; take a look at what's already there (e.g. product descriptions) and see if you could add more value in some way.

7. Speak to People's Emotions

Emotional engagement can make a huge difference to the success of your content marketing campaigns. By triggering an emotional response in the reader or viewer, you can make them want to share your content.

For example, the element of surprise can cause people to talk about and share your content with friends or co-workers; Dermablend used surprise in an ad to great effect they had almost six million views in 10 days and their E-commerce traffic increased by 473 percent. 

8. Test Your Calls to Action

This is a simple growth hack that businesses frequently neglect. By testing your call to action (CTA) buttons, you could increase your conversions by 13 percent and all it takes is a little time. Do some A/B testing to find the best colors, positions, sizes and wordings of your CTAs, and you'll find that they catch the eyes of visitors more effectively.

9. Use a Mix of Media

Not everyone enjoys reading blog posts, and even those people that do usually enjoy a variety of media as well. With this mind, it's best to produce a mixture of content, such as infographics, podcasts, videos and slideshows. We're visual creatures, so use images throughout your content and ensure your site will display perfectly on every kind of device.

10. Offer Valuable Resources for Free

People love getting things for free. By producing insightful ebooks, online courses or webinars, and allowing visitors to your site to download, use or join them at no cost, you can increase recognition of your brand and build authority.

You'll also increase the number of leads you have quickly, as you can provide the resources once users have supplied their email address. Producing the content needn't be a massive undertaking either, as you can re-purpose existing content, such as any long-running blog series you have. To help you get started, Hubspot have a fantastic resource for creating ebooks.

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11. Gamify Your Blog

Gamification turns non-gaming activities into games and plays on people's desire to make what they do and think public. The WordPress plug-in Love It Pro allows visitors to "love" pages and content on your site, giving them an overall score. Popular travel review site TripAdvisor awards badges and levels to users that write many reviews and receive helpful votes from other users.

12. Curate Content

Curating the work of others on social media can save time while increasing your readership and building your brand. Engagement with your target audience is the goal, so aim to curate content that is relevant to them.

You can use news aggregators and content discovery tools to find interesting articles and other pieces of content. Share these on your social media accounts and your fans or followers will engage with them; you could even share content that you disagree with and give your company's view on it.

There's a multitude of growth hacks for content marketing that will bring you impressive results. All you need to do is put aside some time to implement them, or outsource the work if you prefer, and you'll be able to enjoy all the benefits content marketing can bring.

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