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13 Business Apps You Should Be Using

Scott Gerber
Scott Gerber

We asked 13 members from Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), "if you had to work without your phone for the next month, what business app would you miss the most?" Here's what they had to say:

1. Audible

"I know most people don't view Audible as a business app, but listening to audio books is by far my greatest source of business education. Every morning I work out and listen to a book that helps me grow as an entrepreneur and leader. This helps give me an edge and ensures that I'm constantly learning and applying new techniques. I'd be lost without it." – Mark KrassnerKnee Walker Central

2. Redbooth

"Got an idea or a task? Our team's motto is "If it's not on Redbooth, it doesn't exist." Email is messy and unreliable -- so whenever we have to do some planning we always prefer to add actionable tasks on our Redbooth projects." – Pablo Villalba8fit

3. Google Analytics

"It is amazing that it took so long for Google to create an official version of their analytics software for mobile devices. Now that it's available on iOS, Google Analytics is instantly my No. 1 business app and is the only one with a spot on my home screen." – Neil ThanedarLabDoor

4. Slack

"We use Slack as our team communication application and it is my must-have business app. When I'm on the road, Slack keeps me up to date on our team's real-time news, sales and funny jokes. Whenever one of us sees our product being used in a restaurant or retail store, we take a photo and share it on Slack. As a result, it's also an entertainment feed for me when I'm waiting in line." – Nanxi LiuEnplug

5. TripIt

"I travel quite a bit, so TripIt is critical. Without it I wouldn’t know my flight confirmation numbers, hotel information…or even where my next meeting was. Instead I’d be stuck carrying around print outs, shuffling through emails, opening dozens of calendar invites and wasting unnecessary time." – Ashley MadyBrandberry

6. Asana

"We're all Asana evangelists at Go Overseas. We entirely manage our schedules on the app, assign tasks and hold each other accountable. The Asana app has helped everyone on the team become more organized and efficient with our time. It would be a significant challenge to run our day to day at the company without that app on my phone!" – Mitch GordonGo Overseas

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7. Instagram

"It's the only app that came to mind. I think its such a powerful marketing and branding tool. It lets you create visually compelling photos across all social media channels. I'm also moderately obsessed with the engagement -- it's both powerful and addictive." – Carlo Cisco,SELECT

8. WorkFlowy

"The business app I would miss most if I had to work without my phone for a month would be WorkFlowy. I have so many processes, templates, ideas and notes stored in the WorkFlowy app that it would be impossible to imagine my work life without it. WorkFlowy's mission is to help organize your brain, and it really does live up to its promise." – Doreen BlochPoshly Inc.

9. Raventools

"Raventools is a software mainly used for SEO companies that allows you to access anything from analytics to existing external links to social media impact. When I'm in a meeting with clients, it's easy for us to simply open up the Raventools app to verify progress. I can give any of my clients access to their Raventools profiles as well." – Jon ClineRokit SEO

10. GeniusScan

"GeniusScan makes scanning any document take seconds, not minutes. There's no reason to own a physical scanner." – Phil Dumontet,DASHED

11. LinkedIn

"Tough one! I’m on the road a lot and my phone is a major tool to run my business. If I have to pick, I’ll say LinkedIn. I use it to keep our partners and all of my connections in the loop about our activities. It’s an especially effective tool for discovering shared connections with potential clients and generating warm referrals." – David Ehrenberg, Early Growth Financial Services

12. Yammer

"My team works some pretty crazy hours, and they aren't always spent in the office. We all have Yammer, a social collaboration tool, on our desktops and mobile devices. We can manage projects, share insights and seamlessly communicate anywhere, anytime. Yammer sends alerts, so I can address issues and celebrate successes in a timely manner." – Maren HoganRed Branch Media

13. Expensify

"The ability to track and record business expenses on the go is, in fact, absolute genius. I used to hate compiling all of my receipts at the end of a trip. With Expensify, I can file reports as soon as I've expensed something and all I have to do is enter a few basic details while their SmartScan technology does the heavy-lifting for me. It is a real time saver and I would wholly miss it. – Firas KittanehAmerisleep

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Scott Gerber
Scott Gerber Member
Scott Gerber is the founder of Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), an invite-only organization comprised of the world’s most promising young entrepreneurs. In partnership with Citi, YEC recently launched BusinessCollective, a free virtual mentorship program that helps millions of entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. Gerber is also a serial entrepreneur, regular TV commentator and author of the book Never Get a “Real” Job.