13 Creative Business Cards That Prove They're Not Outdated

Business.com / Sales / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Think business cards are outdated? Here are 13 creative business cards did their job—and didn't end up at the bottom of a trashcan.

Eighty-eight percent of business cards handed out will be trashed in less than a week. That statistic should beg a fairly apparent question: should you even bother spending money on business cards this year?

Believe it or not, business cards affect your bottom line. According to StatisticBrain, sales increase 2.5% for every 2,000 cards passed out. This motivation is why 10 billion business cards are print each year- not to mention they serve as mini resumes and are perfect for networking events.

But in order to benefit from a business card, you'll have to create one that stands out. It's needs to be creative, eye-catching, and utilitarian. Below is list of our favorite business cards that did their job- and didn't end up at the bottom of an office trashcan.

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New shapes and sizes

Yaletown Plumbing, a residential plumbing company based in Vancouver has a great design and marketing team. Their website is contemporary and their social feeds are engaging. Just like their awesome plunger business cards.

It's easy to throw away a plain white card with a telephone number on it. Something more unusual will run you a few extra bucks, but I bet people think twice about trashing a mini plunger. Plus, the adorable and endearing concept sort of overrides the butt-crack plumber stereotype.

Interactive cards

(Source: Cardonizer.com)

This Michigan-based landscaping company gets the idea of relevancy. Giving out plain-Jane cards would be boring, but they went a step further and created cards that doubled as seed packets. They added all the basics- phone, email, address- but, added the perfect CTA on the back: "For best results, spread seeds then add Lush."

If you don't have the budget to create an interactive business card, at the very least be creative with your call to action.

(Source: Cardonizer.com)

The cost to make one of these cards was $1.30. We think it was worth the cost. Erika Martin, photographer and graphic designer, drew from her passions to create an interactive rotatable card. Pixelated dots were printed onto transparent cards and the user is able rotate the card until "erika-martin.com" is put into focus.

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She opted for the simplest of contact info in exchange for some big-time creativity. If you're stressing about what details should or shouldn't be included, stop. Sometimes sacrificing a number or a physical address will be worth it if the creativity wins over a new constumer.

Two creative person trainers

(Source: Viralnova.com)

Poul Nielson started as a one-man personal trainer and now own Nielson Fitness in Toronto. Maybe his success has something to do with these awesome business "cards". Made out of rubber, the card holder has to stretch the "card" like a resistance band to see Poul's contact info. He's doing his job of getting people into shape before he's even hired.

(Source: Viralnova.com)

Personal trainers sure are creative. This guy also helps you shed pounds before you hit the gym. His business cards let you tear the belly fat off without breaking a sweat. A business card can't tell your whole story, but in a single image he seemed to say, "See how easy that was? I can help you lose weight that simply too."

A change in texture with an imprint

(Source: Oddee.com)

You don't need dump all your money and creative energy into creating card trinkets. This card illustrates that a simple change in the texture makes a lasting "impression". The dentists at Reflections Dental Care, cleaning and fixing the teeth of Oklahoma, opted for a simple imprint to transform a lackluster card into something poignant.

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Multifunctional cards

We aren't condoning anything here, but let's just say if you can provide a free accessory (i.e. a filter in this case) that accompanies your product, your customer will appreciate the free-bee.

(Source: Viralnova.com)

Broke Bike Alley is a bike repair shop and their business cards help you tighten the nuts and bolts of your bike. Building a multifunctional card ensures that a person will keep your card longer- if they can use it.

Clean-cut cards for the serious

(Source: Oddee.com)

An out-the-box card might be deemed gimmicky if you're in other industries. But you can still get creative in a streamlined, modern fashion. Take these three for example. The first demonstrates the job of this divorce lawyer: to split something minimally and precisely into two equal halves without any tears.

(Source: Viralnova.com)

And the second, designed for a financial security and investment representative, makes use of a motif associated with financial trend reports to result in a sleek looking business card.

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Or, how about this card cut out to look like a picture frame for a frame and accessories company? Simple, yet still able to convey the story of their products.

Utilize other senses

MODhair is a self-proclaimed Rock'N'Roll hair salon and music is their muse. When you rub a finger across this comb-shaped card, a "groovy" rock song plays. It's made out of black PVC and hot foil silver, giving the cardholder a mini jukebox detangler.

(Source: Cardonizer.com)

Or, if you're in the bakery business, make a card that indulges clients' taste buds. The designers for Bombay Bakery won an award at the One Show Design for their delectable cards made of chocolate and vanilla flavored cookie. But this does beg the question: how will they remember your contact information?

Create a card like one of these and people won't be able to throw them away. Do you have any good ideas up your sleeves?

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