2 Inbound Sales Techniques That Convert and Build Brand Loyalty

Business.com / Sales / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Winning new customers is a work in progress, but maintaining brand loyalty is an art that businesses must master.

Your company’s future will be dictated by how efficient and focused it is on delivering an incredible customer experience.

There are two types of customers: the self-help and the needy client. Both will spend their hard-earned money with you if you can provide them with what they need to enjoy your product or service in their life.

Let’s look at the best strategies for selling a total solution to customers on both ends of the spectrum:

The “Total Solution” Should Be the Focus on Client Calls

When a representative of your company picks up the phone, they are speaking with a potential or existing client that understands the problem they are experiencing, but most likely lacks the knowledge or expertise necessary to solve the issue themselves. It is critical that your representatives have the capability to fully diagnose the issue and provide a comprehensive solution.

According to the Ivey Business Journal, “An organization will be successful only when the Total Customer Experience is the focus of improvement.” Areas your team members need to be fully competent diagnosing and discussing include:

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  • Extended Support Agreements: When a customer calls with an issue, the best customer experience involves the issue being covered by an existing service agreement or warranty, avoiding the compounding frustration of having to shell out money in order to solve a problem.
  • Billing Issues: Can your reps access and decode a customer invoice faster than the customer?
  • Add-On Products and Services: There’s nothing worse than purchasing a product, only to find that it didn’t include a necessary accessory for operation. Train reps to ensure that clients have every product necessary for the ultimate experience.
  • Extreme Speed: Ditch the time-intensive scripts and focus on handling customer issues quickly. Not only will agents be able to handle more customers (reducing hold time), but clients will feel like their time isn’t being wasted.

Action Step:

Invest in training representatives to quickly and completely handle inbound calls. Pair their efforts with the best technology available. The saved time and lower stress levels associated with having the right tools will translate to better, more efficient sales.

Automate the Process Online With Intuitive Communication

The most affordable way to handle a customer request is by offering a web-based solution. According to Zendesk, “…a whopping 91 percent say they would use a knowledge base if it met their needs. This is great news for businesses; self-service is the fastest and most cost-effective way to provide customer support.” To create a compelling online solution for both sales and service, it’s important to understand the needs of your customer.

For example, SellHouseFast clearly invested in a warm, graphical design that immediately displays their USP’s: “Quick Sale, Best price, Guaranteed, No fees”. A casual browser can understand the company’s purpose and potential value within a matter of seconds; starting with typing in “Sell House Fast” into the address bar.

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Beyond the homepage, a modern company’s website needs to be smart. Common solutions for companies looking to create a cost-effective, automated online customer experience include:

  • WHMCS: A comprehensive solution for companies that need to invoice, support and manage client accounts online. The highly-customizable software allows for a client to completely manage his or her online service with your company.
  • Blesta: Similar to WHMCS, Blesta integrates with most payment processors to allow clients to pay their bills, interact with their services and submit new orders. Support is managed through a ticket system. Its modular design lends itself to customization.

Action Step:

Invest in easy-to-understand communication collateral on your homepage. Don’t be afraid to use attractive images and hyper-focused text. The behind the scenes, intelligent part of your website can be easily built with many out-of-the-box CMS solutions. Don’t waste money on coding a customer system when you can license existing software and customize to your company’s needs.

Combine Competent Sales / Supports Reps and an Automated Website to Wow Every Type of Customer

Some customers will be more tech-savvy and prefer a service that can be self-managed. Others will look for help at every turn, relying on experienced phone reps to help them with their concerns. Your company needs to cater to both ends of the spectrum.

Employees should be trained on servicing clients completely. This means billing, troubleshooting and sales are necessary skills for a well-rounded rep. Having a single rep handle these tasks is a great way to minimize hold times and increase operational efficiency. Training should be centered around conscientious upselling; based on the customer’s specific needs.

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Self-reliant customers that simply want a tool, product or service to assist themselves in solving a problem demand easily accessible websites chalked full of product knowledge and capable of delivering easy account access. Your phone reps shouldn’t have to waste their time resolving concerns for these customers. In fact, many of these customers would rather find another provider, than wait on hold for a rep.

If you can wow both customers, your company will be well positioned to maximize inbound sales.

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