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Being Your Own PR Rep: 2 Online Activities to Boost Your SEO

Business.com / Public Relations / Last Modified: September 25, 2017
Photo credit: Deyan Georgiev/Shutterstock

Done right, PR can boost your search engine rankings. The way to do this is to concentrate on online PR activities and ensure you have your keywords ready to go.

When people think of public relations, it is common to think it is only an activity for industries such as fashion or sports or for celebrities. However, in today's business world, many small and midsize businesses are utilizing PR activities. It is a key way to get your name and credibility out there, establishing yourself as an industry expert.

Here are the two major PR moves you can make for your business online. If you can pull these methods off, they can improve your SEO and therefore your business's exposure.

Online articles

A crucial part of PR is to get your comments and advice featured in publications that your target market reads. For example, if you have a finance business and a newspaper is doing a piece on budgeting, you could be quoted as an expert, providing tips and advice on the best ways to budget for a holiday.

The key is to get comments in well-known publications of online authority. These normally take the form of your local and metropolitan online news sources, or well-known industry publications.

Because these online publications are well-known, credible sources, search engines prioritize them when people search for information that relates to their articles. If you are interviewed for an article, then you can get your name, business and possibly website featured in it. If the journalist agrees to include your website address in the article, this will provide a great external backlink to your website, which will boost your SEO.

You can normally secure these opportunities by reaching out to the relevant journalist. Simply send them a short email explaining who you are and what advice you have, and ask if your insights might be a good fit for any upcoming pieces.

Press release distribution

Press releases or media releases notify the media of any newsworthy announcements you have. For example, you might have a product or service launch, an upcoming event, or a statement that relates to a topical issue.

Press releases can be distributed in two main ways. The first way is to send it out to targeted journalists who may be interested in your announcement. The second way is to submit it to a press release site.

If you are sending your press release directly to journalists, it's important to really think about what you're writing before you contact the media. It needs to actually be newsworthy, not just a promotion or an advertorial piece. Press releases become articles or editorials. For editorials to be accepted, they have to be timely and relevant to the media's audience.

If your press release is published, this is a great way to reach a large audience. This in turn will lead them to search for your business, leading to an increase in website traffic. The more traffic you receive, the more search engines will see your site as an authority, which will boost your rankings.

The second way is to upload your press release to a distribution site. For this option, ensure your press release has a keyword focus. This will help with your online visibility when people search a term that relates to your press release.

If done correctly, PR isn't just about publicity and getting noticed. Online PR activities can also help SEO by boosting website traffic, helping with external links or keyword searches.


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