2016 Survey Reveals the State of Cloud and Software Deployment Trends

Business.com / Technology / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Software-defined data center is having a major impact because of the adoption rate and inherent ROI.

As technology continues to offer unparalleled options, businesses are starting to adopt the cloud services and virtualization.

In a robust survey conducted by Hytrust, the results indicated a positive outlook on the current state of affairs for cloud computing in the United States and the United Kingdom highlighting 2016 as a breakthrough for Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).

The term SDDC is used to refer to a data center where all of the infrastructure is virtualized and delivered as a service, according to Webopedia.com. The survey was carried out by, Hytrust, a firm that specializes in security, compliance and control software.

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The clear goal was to determine the state of transition for cloud computing and how certain would the adoption happen for SDDC. The sample population included 125 C-level executives, 125 VP-level business and tech executives, over 10 information technology (IT) directors, 20 IT managers, etc. This represents the current views or perceptions of more than 500 senior and business executives.

The following infographic highlights the issues and trends for cloud and software-defined computing:

The state of the cloud and software-defined data center infographic

Overall, indicators were positive since 70 percent increased adoption, 60 percent had faster deployment, 50 percent saw greater tangible benefits and return on investment (ROI). In other words, SDDC is becoming an important driver and is the continuation of the virtualization journey.

During a telephone interview the president of Hytrust discussed how companies are opting for SDDC and have become less apprehensive with security concerns.

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“Long-term, I think companies want to have a freedom of choice of running on-premises SDDC environment or adding those same benefits being delivered by a service provider and the key thing driving this is agility within the organization,” said Co-Founder and President of Hytrust Eric Chiu.

“More and more you will start to see companies moving that way and security will become less of an obstacle just as we are seeing here as you have tools and ways you can achieve the security requirements of an organization that becomes less of an obstacle.”

Hytrust President Chiu went on to explain that thanks to the results obtained through the study they are seeing companies moving toward defined networking and software defined storage. In other words, moving to virtualization of an enterprise´s infrastructure will make running applications and systems that much more agile and dynamic.

The cost savings factor in the past five years was not the driver of virtualization technologies, but rather the inherent benefits SDDC brings to the business or customer.

Additional Stats, Metrics, and Insights Into Survey

Out of more than 500 plus executives surveyed the perceptions varied, according to the results. For example, the top concerns that were slowing down SDDC migration and deployment include the following:

  • Data breach risk (70 percent)
  • Operational issues (60 percent)
  • Audit and compliance issues (60 percent)

There was an interesting twist with the data in regards to security. Approximately 55 percent of C-Level executives believe more data breaches will occur. On the other hand, 74 percent of these same C-Level executives believe security will be less of an obstacle to adoption.

Furthermore, there is another intriguing difference with security concerns depending on the position of the individual within an organization. This means if you are in IT, Sys Admins, and engineers 60 percent are more concerned with security than C-Level execs (35 percent). But C-Level execs were 30 percent or three times more concerned about budget than IT, Sys Admins and Engineers (10 percent).

What is the #1 issue comparing C-suite with IT Admins/Engrs graph

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Takeaways and Conclusions

This 2016 is the defining moment for organizations to move to SDDC. The view is positive since 65 percent of the respondents predict faster deployment and 62 percent anticipate increased adoption.

And about 51 percent say they will see greater tangible benefits and a return on investment (ROI), which will have enhanced efficiency, agility, provisioning and flexibility.

“Security and privacy have always been the critical inhibitors, and no one denies that these issues still concern senior executives. But now we can also see that technologies like those offered by HyTrust, which balance a high level of security and control with smooth automation, are having a major impact. The benefits of virtualized and cloud infrastructures are undeniable, think agility, flexibility and lower cost, among many other advantages, and the obstacles to enjoying those benefits are increasingly being overcome,” according to the statement released in the press release.


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