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Smart Places to Put Money: Tech Investment Trends of 2018

Will Jiang
Will Jiang

These five technologies are some of the hottest opportunities for investors to profit.


In the modern era, technology reigns supreme. It's an exciting time not only for consumers and businesses looking to make the most of the latest advancements, but also for investors, who could potentially make a lot of money from new and innovative technology. Small companies and startups are on the rise, and whether it's off their own back or through the use of venture capital firms, investors stand to make a lot of money from their success.

In this article, we'll take a look at some of the tech investment trends that are making waves in their respective industries and are set to drive up profits for businesses throughout next year.

Blockchain technology

Put simply, blockchain is a digital ledger that makes a public and chronological record of cryptocurrency transactions. The concept was first brought about by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 and used a year later as a vital component of the digital currency bitcoin. Now the tech community is looking beyond bitcoin for other ways to make the most of blockchain technology.

You can use blockchain anytime you need to record financial transactions but don't require an intermediary to complete them. This means blockchain could be the technology that plays the role of the financial middlemen that the digital age seems to have left behind, such as notaries and brokers. Although its variety of uses and gauge for success are still being explored, its potential to make significant changes in the technology and financial industries have made it one of the tech investment trends to watch in 2018.   

Social media

The initial purpose and grassroots concept of social media was to be a digital platform for connecting with people all over the world, but it has evolved into a valuable and powerful marketing tool for businesses.

Influencer marketing has proved to be one of the most effective and engaging forms of modern marketing, and social media advertising continues to work wonders for companies by generating massive revenue. You then have to consider how many people use social networks on a daily basis, often as their go-to destination for media updates and news – so much so that it's estimated that social media ad revenue will surpass that of newspapers by 2020.

With so much money being invested in the growth and advancement of social media, it's a platform that will continue to evolve and make a big difference in the modern business world.  

Mobile technology

Last year, mobile overtook desktop to become the most popular method of accessing the internet for the first time. To some, this may have come as a surprise, but when you consider how much mobile technology has evolved, it was only a matter of time. Thanks to high-speed Wi-Fi and mobile internet, we are used to an existence in which timelines and news feeds can and must be checked constantly.

The widespread popularity of mobile technology shows no signs of slowing down, with estimates that 70 percent of the world's population will own a smartphone by 2020. The mobile sector is one that has been watched closely for investment opportunities. Venture capital firms were quick off the mark to notice the potential of mobile startups, with billions already invested in the success of the smartphone era.

Mobile technology venture capital is an indication of how much faith is being put into this type of technology. When you consider how advanced the tech is now from what it was, the future looks bright for the mobile industry – and those who have invested in it.

3D printing

In regards to the possibilities as well as the process itself, 3D printing is up there with the most exciting types of modern technology. To say that it has shaken things up in the manufacturing world would be an understatement. This technology makes it possible to produce and customize prototypes far more quickly and cheaply than conventional methods, meaning that products can see the light of day sooner and cost the consumer less.

Its progress in the production of medical components has been especially impressive. For example, low-cost prosthetic parts are a massive benefit for those who previously had no chance of affording conventional prosthetics. The possibilities for customization also allow each component to be unique to the needs of the user, creating a much better fit and reliability. 


This is just one example of the many ways 3D printers are affecting modern society for the better, but as the industry continues to advance and make bolder steps into the realms of possibility, there's a lot of money to be made in the process.

Commercial drones

You undoubtedly will have seen drones or the use of them in the news, on television or in films as of late. They have made a relatively quick and impressive transition from novel device to commercial tool over the last few years. Amazon, for example, is at the forefront of next-gen drone tech, with the introduction of the Amazon Prime Air drone delivery service.

Although a lot of the attention and appeal of commercial drone use has been in the media industry – with camera drones having been used in films and television for a number of years – they are proving to be a useful asset in the construction, agriculture and security industries too. Drones are still in their commercial infancy, especially as the delivery aspect of their growth is yet to take off. The future is very promising for the drone industry.

The evolution of modern technology has revolutionized more industries than you can count. With companies making discoveries and advances every day, it's as exciting as it is impossible to keep up. These tech investment trends stand out not only because of the progress they've made, but also for what they have the potential to do in the future. With Amazon taking an interest in drones, venture capital investors putting their money on mobile startups, and the exciting future of 3D printing, they all provide the opportunity for significant profit.

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Will Jiang
Will Jiang Member
Will Jiang is the founding partner of N5Capital, a Chinese Venture Capital firm. Will is passionate about assisting ambitious tech startups make their dreams a reality. Over the course of his career, Will has worked as Chief Strategy Officer for NQ Mobile and strategy & business development officer at Dell.