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3 Ways B2B Marketing Is Changing in 2019

Chris Christoff
Dec 11, 2018

As a marketer, you must continually adapt with the trends. Here's what's hot now.

Business-to-business (B2B) marketing is constantly evolving. As 2019 comes around the corner, it’s time for all of the big marketers to sit down and think about what trends to pursue in the coming year.

We want to help B2B businesses by digging into trends that seem to be evolving as the door closes on 2018. Let’s take a look at some data, find out where you can wager your bets, and how to make the most of your marketing strategy for the new year.

1. Community building is on the rise.

Not so long ago, many B2B marketing companies tended to skirt each other, in fear that the companies they were passing by might take some of their business.

The goal for 2019 seems to be mixing up that formula in a big way. TopRankBlog notes that about 23 percent of B2B marketers work on building community relationships and that “this should be a no-brainer” for those who want to thrive.

If you want people to know who you are, you have to engage with your community in order to build a strong following. There is no better way to become a well-known B2B marketer than by being friendly and approachable and by engaging with your audience, followers, and other companies.


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2. Video solutions will rule.

There is no doubt that video content is a powerhouse in the marketing industry. YouTube is the second most popular social media platform behind Facebook. That territory is ripe for user-friendly advertisements, snippets, full-length reviews and more.

Even more impressively, the amount of content uploaded to YouTube every 30 days is greater than the amount of content broadcast on all three major U.S. cable channels over the past 30 years! This trend is only rising too. It’s being predicted that over 80 percent of internet traffic will be video by 2021. That’s certainly nothing to shake a stick at.

It’s time to start thinking about how you can create better video content for your B2B marketing plan and how that content will benefit the businesses you supply (and their customers) into 2019.

3. Machine learning will be increasingly necessary.

The top way the B2B marketing universe seems to be changing is through the use of machine learning as a service. There are so many ways to implement this one key piece into a business.

Owners of companies can use machine learning for chatbots, as a means to upsell to certain customers, and even to add dynamic pricing. All of these functions play a huge role in businesses now, and machine learning is only expected to grow through 2019.

By 2020, 80 percent of businesses are likely to have chatbots operating some aspect of their customer service. Big companies like PayPal are using machine learning to stop fraud. The applications are virtually endless for machine learning, and this is not a trend that appears to be letting up anytime soon.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways that B2B marketing is expected to change in 2019. Your objective as a business owner is to figure out how to take these ideas and tools and implement them into your business model.

There are unlimited ways to grow in the online B2B world. The only limit is your imagination. Keep striving through 2019, and we are excited to see what trends are thriving by the time 2020 rolls around next year!

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Chris Christoff
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