3 Business Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn During Their Vacation

Business.com / Strategy / Last Modified: February 22, 2017

Discover lessons every entrepreneur can learn while on vacation to help them in business when the fun of rest and relaxation is all over.

When you talk about the business lessons for entrepreneurs, you can’t always learn them from a book. 

Most of us try to get prepared from the textbooks, but still, several things can only learn by experience.

Although some lessons can be learned through hard ways, because any challenging situation is a prospect to polish your skills and abilities to develop enhanced operations that rank your brand higher in the upcoming years.

Always try to take hurdles as a chance to gain knowledge of customers and how you improve your service to satisfy them in the years to come.

Here, in this article, I’ve compiled some business lessons for entrepreneurs that they can learn even during their vacations.

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1. Think Beyond Your Products and Services

It doesn’t matter what your company is or what products/services are you offering. The thing that matters here is that these products have their life. As we were fulfilling the orders at our Indian office, we tried to fulfill the customer hopes, needs and desires. Customers buy because they have some affiliation to their orders, which makes them feel a certain way. If you want to overarch a customer’s experience and satisfaction, then you have to focus on how professional and in what state orders deliver.

On my vacation to India, I met a person who ordered workout tapes from the renowned video store, and I felt that was not merely about getting the order quickly. He was expecting more. He needed a way out. A way to lose weight without compromising on health. That was a lesson for me as an entrepreneur.

2. Sophistication Doesn’t Always Mean Performance

I’ve been working for years, and I have learned that no brand is without its faults. Even the world’s top companies with top-notch consumer abilities are still struggling to stay ahead of the competition.

Each and every brand surpasses from a distinctive confronts and at times the booming companies come up with the biggest challenges to beat. You can’t predict the performance via a brand’s stature. But the secret recipe to deal with such unpredicted struggles is constant communication and teamwork. Never waste opportunities to learn even when you’re on vacation. Try to observe how companies excel in other countries and treasure some useful ideas.

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3. Businesses With Human Tendencies

It’s a fact that businesses are just like people, and it might be harmful to a promising company’s capability to handle inventory successfully. I am a proprietor of an online business; I know how to explain this better in regards to moving inventory.

While, managing inventories, a lot of enterprises often become victim to the human tendencies such as:


There are several ways to clear up an almost immovable inventory. However, fear comes in the line of action, which has tied up even the top enterprises. Regardless of the benefits associated with the spotless inventory management practices, industries similar to people are afraid to own mistakes.


Just like people, industries can also face problems in letting go. Just have a look at it this way; you don’t have to pay to get some space in your cabinet, but businesses do. Retailers pay large storage fees for slack or obsolete inventory. No company can afford to store unsellable inventory for longer periods because it may lead to serious repercussions when warehouses come into practice.


Competent inventory management plays a vital role when moving, no matter that’s for a new distribution center or a storefront. Just imagine a situation that you’re shifting to your new house and if you flung the things all along the way what it feels like? Obviously, it’s messy, but you have to reorganize it. Now think of doing the same with oodles of stock. It will become a disaster if you don't manage it carefully.

It’s critical that an inventory of the retailer should sensibly arrange with properly defined traits. I’ve seen a lot of companies who simply listed the product as "white shirt medium", but this is an incomplete and inefficient managerial structure to administer a stack of orders at a time.

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You can triumph over the business areas that are more error prone by implementing complete technological integration and process control. By replacing the manual business procedures (which involves humans) with technological advancements from these critical processes, companies can turn away from the human error that could negatively affect your business’s growth.

As we all know that the services industry is quite well-aware of the unpredicted barriers, as they deal people’s disputes on the daily basis. In fact, we bring in priceless experience for these unforeseen obstacles and these are very imperative to do well in the upcoming years. You probably have heard a famous proverb, "if it doesn’t kill you, it makes you stronger," but you can find it in textbooks. It’s a thing that you’ll learn by experience.

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